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The Critical Critics to Publish New Reviews of the Newest Movies on a Daily Basis has been gearing up their publication speed over the last few months, and has now increased to daily updates with new reviews of the latest film releases, trailers and more.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- In the Twitter generation, everyone’s a critic. However, the difference between amateur and professional critics is an understanding of what makes for insightful criticism, both for viewers and for filmmakers. The Critical Critics understand this difference keenly, and approach their work with a unique voice and style that makes them stand out from the plethora of other movie sites currently competing for traffic. The site is now increasing its output to a daily basis, and has published reviews of all the biggest films of the week.

The latest movie reviews on the site include current movies and new releases like Brad Pitt’s Fury, Dracula Untold with Luke Evans, and horror effort Annabelle. The reviews are insightful and in-depth while doing their utmost to remain spoiler free, maintaining the difficult balance of providing meaningful analysis without getting trapped in the minutiae.

The site equally publishes the latest trailers, including Avengers Age Of Ultron, Insidious 3 and Exodus: Gods and Kings. With the expansion in content publishing, the Critical Critics are now looking for new contributors who understand what makes a great movie to share the opportunity with others while gaining exposure themselves, with traffic to the site increasing every day.

A spokesperson for The Critical Critics explained, “We are on the lookout for talented writers with an understanding of film and cinema, while at the same time giving our existing crop of writers every opportunity to see and review the latest films. There seem to be more film releases now than at any time in history, and that makes for more work than ever for critics. What differentiates us from our competitors however is the quality of observation and insight that goes into crafting our reviews, and the unique voice we use to convey our opinions without literary pretention or jargon- straightforward and often humorously delivered, we are the critics for the everyman.”

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