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The Cultured Pearls Series: Compelling New Fiction Series Inspires College-Age Women to See Faith as a Lifelong Journey

Written by Tashion Macon, the series of five novellas follows a group of four young women as they transition to college and face a new set of life/faith challenges. The series’ first instalment, ‘Temptation’, provokes bold thought in college-age readers as they learn to contend with far more than simple peer pressure.


Studio City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- As an Entertainment Marketing Executive, Tashion Macon is deeply vested in the shaping and shifting of modern/pop culture. While hundreds of books tackle collegiate culture, Macon became acutely aware that few fiction novels showcase the realities of living out faith.

Armed with a passion to fill this void, Macon fused creativity with memories of her own time at college. The result is ‘The Cultured Pearls Series’ – five novellas poised to offer rich, real and relevant guidance to all young women who enjoy all college has to offer while staying true to their faith.

The first instalment, ‘Temptation’, uses a backwards-story format to depict a funeral which is followed by its ‘ten years before’ story.


Treasure University…the heartbeat and big hope of small town Treasureland, TX. A beautiful campus, lush and level, with an educated and faithful faculty. The place where four unlikely young women became friends. The place where everything changed.

Majeste, Raya, Mar, and Sissy had all come to Treasure University for different reasons, and they find themselves facing temptations beyond what they'd known before. Gone are the simple peer pressures to smoke or cheat. There they experience the place where a life in Christ collides with coming-of-age choices that happen somewhere between curfew and chapel.

Instead, they deal with the church's spoken and unspoken expectations to find a good Christian husband at whatever the cost, the pain of living in another’s shadow, the hurt of a missed childhood, and the anger of a rebellious teen.

As they travel through their freshman year, while at times deepening and distancing themselves from their faith, the choices they make will shape their lives to come…

As the author explains, her own commitment to Christianity inspired her to help others.

“I would say that I was inspired to write this story due to my Christian life and the book ‘You Lost Me’. I wanted to follow the same format and offer an extremely valuable tool for young women of college age who never want to lose sight of their faith,” says Macon.

Continuing, “I attended secular universities and several of my friends attended Christian-centric universities....surprisingly, our experiences (temptations, spiritual formation, growing pains, spiritual development) were not that different. This is a hugely-vital story and fiction is a powerful vehicle from which to tell it.”

While all five books have been written, Macon plans to release them one at a time in order to steadily build a diligent fan base.

“This kind of adventure shouldn’t be rushed into. I want young women to have enough time to read each book and adapt all they have learned to their own lives. To aid this, each novella also includes pertinent questions and discussion points that reading groups can use to great effect. At the end of the day, my message for young women is simple - we may fall; we will fall; but we don't have to fall away or turn away from our faith. Instead we can see experiences as a way to ‘form’ or ‘firm’ our faith as we live our lives,” she adds.

‘Temptation’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1h1nBWG.

For more information on the author and ‘The Cultured Pearls Series’, visit: www.faithlifts.net .

About the Author
Tashion Macon grew up in the Bible Belt and currently resides in the City of Lost Angels, Los Angeles, CA. It is there that she found her career and calling as a pop-culture expert, author, and speaker with a special passion for collegiate culture and ministry. She accepted the call to walk in faith as a teenager and has seen and experienced more than most. Knowing the challenges of young believers in today's society, Ms. Macon tells engaging and gripping stories that light a path on the road to adulthood that we all must walk. .