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The Daily Tea Continues to Introduce New Trends in Health

The Daily Tea, a website for all things tea, details new trends in health, and how to get healthy using tea and other herbs.


Plymouth Meeting, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2016 -- The Daily Tea, a website that advertises the love of all things tea-related, shows that a healthy lifestyle can be lead – through the use of tea. Tea has become an increasingly popular drink. With the movement towards all things healthy and organic, The Daily Tea has found a niche in the market for something fresh and innovative concerning health. They continue to post and publish news, recipes, and helpful information for their readers and subscribers.

In 1994, Pearl Dexter created a magazine called Tea Magazine. In 2012, a company called Media40 took over her vision and changed the site to The Daily Tea, their mission statement being simply, "We Want to Grow the World of Tea". Since that time, the magazine has only grown in popularity and followers.

The Daily Tea online magazine not only talks about the many types of tea out there, but also gives the recipes for them. They note the infinite healing properties of the teas, from calmness and sleep aides, to headache and pain relief. They even show the benefits of tea during pregnancy. However, they don't stop at just the healing properties of the drink. They talk specifics of the herbs, how the spices differ, and what they can be used for. They discuss tea paired with exercise and the wellness benefits that come with it. They write about the topical uses of the teas such as lotions and scrubs for healing and beauty aids. The list goes on and on, from helping with cancer, to depression and weight loss.

The magazine also houses additional sections on their website,, with a plethora of information. One of those sections is entitled "Inspiration" , which presents ideas and ways to make a positive difference in the lives of their readers. It inspires the readers to become better versions of themselves through poetry, beautiful imagery, and arts and crafts. By saying that enthusiasm is contagious is an understatement with this company. It's more than just a cliché for them. The Daily Tea reflects enthusiasm in everything they write concerning tea and its uses, and they continue to look for new ideas, information, and research to share with their tea-loving followers.

Another area of their site is the "Travel" section. Here readers can see the places all over the world that teas come from, as well as understand why direct trade matters to the tea market. The website stores a multitude of information, news, recipes, and pop culture. Readers can download ebooks, learn how to compost tea, or read about the latest and trendiest tea kettles on the market.

About The Daily Tea
The Daily Tea's comprehensive outlook covers everything on tea, and is right in line with the trend toward organic eating. Foods that are produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetics, such as fertilizers, is growing in popularity. The demand for organic foods is primarily driven by personal health and environmental reasons. In 2012 organic food sales in the United States generated approximately thirty-one billion dollars and is predicted to only increase. The Daily Tea keeps up with this organic movement, routinely bringing their readers new articles. Readers wishing to learn more about The Daily Tea can subscribe to their free e-zine on their website.

The Daily Tea
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