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The Daily Tea Just Announced Free Daily Online Subscriptions to Their Tea Inspired Magazine

The Daily Tea just announced that any of its regular readers can now sign up for a free newsletter that will share the knowledge and inspiration of Pearl Dexter, the founder and creator of The Daily Tea magazine.


Plymouth Meeting, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2016 -- Pearl Dexter always wanted a magazine that was truly inspired by tea and the culture around it. When The Daily Tea premiered, many people all over the world began to read it and follow it regularly. It was a sensation and a success. This magazine is dedicated to those who truly love tea and want to share their love with others all around the world.

There are quite a few rituals and traditions that center on the world of tea. The Daily Tea is an online magazine that shares these traditions and rituals with each and every one of its readers. Many of the readers who are regular readers have lives that are filled with growing teas and making teas, while others simply just love the way it tastes and the amazing health benefits that it can provide.

Part of The Daily Tea's website features a recipe page that gives many options to its readers. During the holidays, there are recipes to compliment any holiday party or get together. Readers of The Daily Tea will be surprised by just how many of these recipes call for black tea, Darjeering tea, Chai tea, jasmine tea, and green tea. This online magazine feels that by providing these recipes, their readers will be able to share their love of tea with their guests, who will love these recipes and get a real taste for how great tea really is in practically anything.

One the most popular features of is their wellness section. This part of the site shares many different ways that tea can make readers feel better on the inside and on the outside, as well. There is a lot of information on teas that can help the skin and teas that will help readers to relax and unwind. The teas mentioned in this section have the potential to inspire readers to use tea to enrich their health and lead happier lives.

The Daily Tea also features an inspiration page that many of the readers turn to when they need some help in life, love, or just want to feel more creative. This page features articles about the Dali Lama, inspirational quotes to help readers get through their harder days, ways to enjoy tea and share it with others, and foods that can be paired with tea. This part of the page is bound to make anyone smile from ear to ear or at least be inspired to go out and enjoy life.

About The Daily Tea
The Daily Tea is a popular website that will make the lovers of tea grow fonder of it. It will also help to educate and introduce tea drinkers that are only beginning to discover the many delights tea can bring. By signing up for the free subscription, all of the readers can now expect updates daily.

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