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The Damascus Chronicles: New Dark Fantasy Series Storms Amazon's "Top 100", Featuring Former Govt. Agent in Bold Personal Struggle Between Good & Evil

Masterfully crafted by Dominic R. Daniels, ‘The Damascus Chronicles’ and ‘Denizens of the Night’ tell the story of Michael Victor Damascus, who is reluctantly thrust into the world of the supernatural as a vampire while also living as a paid hit man. Daniels puts the human experience under literature’s spotlight to prove that even the most far-out of paranormal entities are inherently human. The narratives’ unique fusion of crime and the supernatural has been hailed as “truly thrilling” and “one of the best books of this genre” by critics.


Burbank, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- While many authors use their first novel to simply test the literary waters, Burbank’s Dominic R. Daniels is rapidly proving that a debut series is also an opportunity to rival a genre’s bestsellers. His ‘The Damascus Chronicles’ thrusts readers into a dark dystopian Las Vegas alongside a former Government agent and fallen hero who now finds himself at war with himself.

Michael Victor Damascus is probably the only protagonist in literary history to struggle with the dual responsibilities of being a paid hit man and a vampire. It’s not an easy life, but one that Daniels portrays with gusto; so much so that book one is currently gracing Amazon’s “Top 100” list for its genre.


Book one, ‘The Damascus Chronicles’ - The first book in the series, The Damascus Chronicles takes place in an alternate futuristic dystopian Las Vegas. Michael Damascus, a former government agent turned professional assassin for the Italian Mafia, is trapped between the worlds of organized crime and the supernatural. Betrayed by his family and government, Michael unites with a seven centuries old coven and his mob families' international organization, to defeat a criminal consortium and global secret society of occultists. While preventing the destruction of all creation, he must also protect his orphaned kid-niece who he has taken in (and an ex-love who can't let him go) from his dark gift and double life, with the police commissioner hot on his trail.

Book two, ‘Denizens of the Night’ - The Damascus Chronicles: Denizens of the Night continues the adventures of Michael Victor Damascus and his new bride, Serena Bellemont, as they honeymoon in Paris, France. The two vampires are enjoying their new life together after saving the city of Las Vegas from destruction. Michael is getting used to his new life as a vampire and being a member of the Zoratus Coven. The Coven is Serena's legacy and now Michael is a part of it. One night they leave their luxurious hotel suite to go out and enjoy a night on the town and they encounter and kill a supernatural being that is a complete mystery to them. This uncovers a nefarious plot by the Dark Society and when Michael and Serena try to uncover more information about the presence of the demon they killed, they go to the Cathedral of Notre Dame and encounter Dark Society agents. There is a confrontation and Michael and Serena capture a Dark agent. Under interrogation, the agent reveals a plot by the Dark Society to resurrect the devil in the form of Sagamu with a blood rite on a satanic holy day they call the Eve of Blood. Michael, Serena and the rest of the coven reunite in Paris as they proceed to take on the Dark Society in head on battle grand de force style in Rome, Italy with the city lit up and ready to burn, the Day of Darkness has arrived! A lost forbidden history is discovered, filled with Angels, Demons and Ceremonial Magicians in a crimson bath of bloodshed and black magic!

“It’s really hard to pigeon-hole this book into a single genre; it’s a thick hybrid of Horror, Occult, Dark Fantasy, Crime, and Action,” explains Daniels, who also works in sales. “There’s also plenty of mythology at play as the story progresses and plenty of secrets are brought out into the open; ‘Angel’ meets ‘Hellboy’!”

Continuing, “Both books prove that vampires, angels and other creatures each share humanity’s wider consciousness and, to a degree, are actually very human. They love and hate, experience triumphs and defeats and teach us to all grow and become extraordinary people as we face struggles. We are all collectively called to be part of an adventure, and the greatest adventure is of course life itself.”

Since their release, both books have secured a string of rave reviews. Marry Jane spoke very highly of book one, commenting, “Bought this book after reading the summary and wow after the first chapter I'm hooked. The hybrid style of using crime and paranormal/out of this world genres is super interesting. The author uses great word play in metaphors, similes, and even irony. It really is a book that will make you think.”

Maria C. Cuadro was equally as impressed with the series’ second volume, adding, “Reading Dominic R. Daniels's The Damascus Chronicles feels like watching a Michael Bay movie while riding a rollercoaster! The story is filled to the brim with the most unlikely characters: demons and CIA agents and vampires and angels, AND the Mafia, oh my!”

Both books are available now:

‘The Damascus Chronicles’ - http://amzn.to/ZScXA7
‘Denizens of the Night’ - http://bit.ly/1rokXTO

About Dominic Rocky Daniels
Born Dominic Rocky Daniels, in the city of Anaheim, California in 1984, he was raised in San Gabriel, CA. At a young age his passion has always been in movies, animation, and storytelling. Trained in fine art at the age of 10, he decided to go into the entertainment business and become a storyteller and writer. He is a self-taught author and electronic dance music arranger under his Nega Blast X music projects. He has a Bachelor Degree of Science in Media Arts and Animation from The Art Institute of California-Los Angeles. He has lived in Burbank, for six years and often visits his grandparents The Nelsons who have been lifelong Burbank residents. In his spare time he reads horror books and graphic novels, his favorite music is heavy metal.