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The DAMN Moments Workbook: Ohio Author Uses Humor & Innovation to Help World Combat Stress

With global stress levels higher than ever, many corporate and Government solutions serve to only make many fists curl tighter. However, one Ohio resident has hit on a novel plan for eradicating the affliction, through an acclaimed book, blog and a line of whimsical products.


Youngstown, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- Many have tried so hard to rid themselves of stress that giving up ultimately seems the less stressful option. However, stress balls everywhere are likely to find solace in a new workbook by Ohio’s Shawn Blakeny.

‘The DAMN Moments Workbook: A Guide for Reducing the Moments in Your Life That Make You Say, "DAMN"’ does exactly what it says on the tin; hence the reason people are flocking in their droves to bag their copy.


The word DAMN is usually used as a swear word, but in the real world when something didn’t happen the way we wanted it to happen then we generally have the mind set of DAMN! Many times in our lives we have moments or do things that we wish we hadn’t have done, or if we had the chance to do it over again we would've done it a different way. As a result it becomes a regretful moment, but the problem is we continue to have these moments over and over again without learning from the consequences.

Damn Moments are moments in your life that made you say or think to yourself, “DAMN”. Usually a bad decision or missed opportunity, and if you could go back in time and change things you would. The DAMN Moments Workbook: A Guide for Reducing the Moments in Your Life That Make You Say, "DAMN" is a 90-day program in which you develop a plan that reduces if not eliminates the issues in your life that make you say, "DAMN". The plan you develop for your life will reduce poor decision making, regrets, and missed opportunities in the areas of finance, spirituality, addiction, dating/marriage, health, retirement, social life, career, family, and a reader’s choice selection.

The program will ultimately help you change your life, and you will learn what it takes to STOP having DAMN Moments and START living your DAMN Life!

As the author explains, his book takes readers beyond the wit and whim, into a very serious critique of their own lives.

“The workbook really gives the reader an opportunity to learn from their own mistakes, in a way that is fun and engaging. So many initiatives to combat stress have the counter-effect of leaving people strung even tighter, that’s why the world deserves something that actually works!” says Blakeny.

To accompany his book, Blakeny has expanded his concept to encompass an informative blog and series of novelty products.

“I have a blog called ‘DAMN Moments in the News’ (http://www.damnmoments.com) where I post 3-4 news clips each week that involve people making bad decisions. I hope that by watching the clip the viewer will shout a loud and hearty ‘DAMN’, while being deterred from making the same mistake,” he adds.

This growing band of ‘DAMN’ good products was complimented this month with the launch of The DAMN Button (http://www.damnbuttons.com) and The DAMN Wristband (http://www.damnwristbands.com). Allowing people to press something useful at their ‘go f*** yourself’ time of need, while always wearing a reminder of how to go about their days, Blakeny hopes his offerings will have a real-world positive impact.

“With the way things are in the world today (crime, U.S. debt problems, etc) I think products like I have put on the market help people not become depressed or addicted. Stress is a debilitating problem that ruins many lives; it’s something we need to combat without delay,” he concludes.

‘The DAMN Moments Workbook: A Guide for Reducing the Moments in Your Life That Make You Say, "DAMN"’ is available now: http://amzn.to/YPmRjK

It can also be purchased from Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Powell’s Books and additional online outlets.

Those living in Boardman, Ohio are able to purchase the book in-store at the city’s Barnes & Noble location. It is also available at Leana’s Books & More in Hermitage, Pennsylvania.

The author is keen to stock the book at other outlets across the country. Any interested parties are asked to make direct contact.

About the author, in his own words: Shawn Blakeny
Most of my career has been in the mental health field working with at risk youth and adults with disabilities. I worked in the inner city throughout college and high school in the park and recreation department. The Parks and Recreation provided programs from 9-5 in the city parks for the youth in the city. The programs served as an outlet to keep kids off the street and involved in something that was productive during the summer months.

My undergraduate and master’s degree are in Education and I had plans of graduating from college and becoming a teacher.

The past 4 years I've been working as a program director for adults living with disabilities. The program provides job training and placement, social skills groups, and community support to adults with Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, etc. The goal of the program is to improve the overall quality of life for these individuals, which included becoming more independent and making better decisions in life.