The Daniel Fast for a Healthy Body, Mind, and Soul

The Daniel Fast seems to attract the most interest around the new year. 2013 looks to be a big year for people interested in the Daniel Fast. "Honoring God Through The Daniel Fast" provides support.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2012 -- After doing the Daniel Fast for 37 days, author T.D. Schemansky spent some time writing about his experience. This became a popular Ebook called "Honoring God Through The Daniel Fast" with recipes that follow the guidelines of the fast. In his Ebook he writes "The Daniel Fast is for those who want to honor God by fasting from certain foods for a designated length of time. There are also big health benefits for those who choose to do the Daniel Fast." There is a free preview of the Ebook available at

Terrance wrote about the many benefits from doing the Daniel Fast like losing weight, detox, and the spiritual benefits to doing the fast. Primarily this fast is a spiritual experience. He also shares important information about preparing for the fast, what kinds of food to eat, and what you might expect once you start the fast. Doing the Daniel Fast is a great opportunity for churches, and church groups to support one another during the fast.

Since the release of his Ebook, the web site has received regular web site traffic for people searching for more info. about the Daniel Fast. "It's exciting to share information about my 5 week experience doing the Daniel Fast" says Terrance.

Due to the popularity of his web site and Ebook, Terrance has received positive phone calls, and emails from people all over the world. One call in particular was from a Diabetic person who had concerns about doing the Daniel Fast. In response, Terrance discussed the healing benefits of eating the healthy foods allowed during the Daniel Fast. There is even a testimonial of a woman with cancer who changed her diet through the Daniel Fast, and is now cancer free.

About T.D. Schemansky
T.D. Schemansky is an author, musician, and entrepreneur who spent did the Daniel Fast for a total of 37 days. He shares his experience with readers around the world, while providing information, and advice about doing the fast. For more information visit

T.D. Schemansky
New York, New York