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The Darkness, the Light, and the Glory: Upcoming Book of Poetry Set to Heal, Inspire and Empower Positive Change.

After achieving his life-long dream of publishing a book of poetry, Sylvester L. Anderson shifted his focus to sharing God’s message of love and salvation. With his second book now on the horizon, Anderson has high hopes of inspiring readers to stay dear to their faith and change the world.


Alsip, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Millions of writers dream of the day their books can be cherished by others. Poet Sylvester L. Anderson shared this same dream for over four decades, before finally listening to his family’s encouragement and publishing his first collection of poetry in October of 2012. However, as a Born-Again-Christian with a passion for sharing God’s word, the focus of his upcoming second book has dramatically changed.

‘The Darkness, The Light and The Glory’ isn’t being released to fulfill any personal goals, but instead to use the power of words to heal, inspire and help affect change in the world through living by God’s word.

“In the 1990s I collected many of my poems and imagined it would be easy to get them published; how wrong I was! When my dreams fell through I gave up the idea of releasing a book. However, I didn’t stop writing and my family and friends continued to support and encourage me; when the self-publishing wave first hit I knew my chance had finally come,” says Anderson.

Continuing, “After releasing ‘Life Through Celestial Lenses’ my family and friends threw me a book-signing party and the local School Board honored me with a certificate of recognition. However, my second book isn’t being released for me – it’s for everyone else. I want to help share God’s message of love and salvation; something that can literally change the world.”

If Anderson’s second book follows the success of his first, this change could come with gusto. In fact, Anderson still receives regular rave reviews for ‘Life Through Celestial Lenses’.

For example, one reader commented, “This collection of poetry is both inspiring and uplifting. I purchased a copy for my Kindle and was completely fascinated with the author's Journey. I purchased additional copies to give as gifts. Why give a card or flowers when you can give a gift of inspiration that will enrich someone's life.”

Even with so much success, Anderson is adamant that those who love and support him deserve the ultimate praise.

“I love putting words together and telling a story, but others are the real inspiration. I dedicated my first book to my mom. She has always been a big inspiration for me. Her love and guidance has shape my life and character. My other biggest influence has been God. I became a born again Christian in 1985. My spiritual journey and growth has given me the strength to persevere and believe that all things are possible,” he adds.

With a heartfelt story to tell and steadfast commitment to his faith, Anderson is set to empower readers for generations to come.

‘The Darkness, The Light and The Glory’ is due for release soon. In the meantime, ‘‘Life Through Celestial Lenses’ can be purchased from Amazon: http://amzn.to/165ldNV

About the Author: Sylvester L. Anderson
Sylvester L. Anderson was born in Chicago, Illinois (1965). Raised by his mom(Josephine),he is the youngest of three(older brother and sister). He graduated from Dunbar H.S. in Chicago(1983). Sylvester's first poem was written in the third grade for his mom for mother's day. He has been writing poetry since high school and published his first collection "Life Through Celestial Lenses" in October of 2012.