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The Daughter-in-Law Society: Author and Solace Sister Uses Social Media to Help Women Ease Pain of Mother-in-Law Hell

From launching a hugely popular digital book to founding an online sisterhood that’s easing life’s pain for thousands of women around the world, Patricia Bachkoff Weber is proving that social media can make anyone’s dreams come true.


Coral Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- For Patricia Bachkoff Weber, taking the ‘traditional route’ to publishing a book was little more than a joke. From the possibility of publisher rejection letters to red-tape that would dampen her dream, Weber chose to employ her own savvy resources to set her up for best-selling success.

Weber is the author of The Daughter-in-Law Society, a unique and exciting novel that is poised to become a legendary summer read.

The novel seeks to resolve a very true-to-life issue of two women loving the same man. By joining The Daughter-in-Law Society, heroine Katherine Embers is out on a mission to find relief from her unbearable Mother-in-Law problems. While a member of the secretive club, twists and turns ensue which culminate in a roaring cliffhanger worthy of any timeless classic.

With the book carrying as much potential as the current chart-topper, 50 Shades of Grey, Weber is hoping to use the same grassroots tools to garner the attention her novel deserves.

“Social media is disrupting the publishing community like never before. With platforms such as Createspace, Pubit, Goodreads, Lulu, Smashwords, and social media, self-publishing is the way to go” says Weber.

She continues, “We are giving power to the people to help us hit the bestsellers list. I want to be the next one. It will be my greatest accomplishment.”

With all of the surprises her book holds, Weber has a twist of her own – the book’s ‘Daughter-in-Law Society’ is actually a real-world resource.

Also founded by Weber, the website is a life-saving online portal where thousands of women come to find solace in knowing that they are not alone. The site allows Daughters-in-Law to come together and be free, in a neutral environment where nobody is judged.

“It’s the ultimate virtual support system. The site is filling a void for daughters-in-law everywhere who are searching for a sanctuary of help, support, sanity, and friendship” Weber adds.

The site’s popularity has led to appearances on acclaimed stages including the Dr. Phil Show and several other high-profile media outlets. The portal also hosts the Mother-in-Law Hell web series, starring producer and former Inside Edition correspondent Nancy Glass.

With all of the successes she is creating, Weber is mindful of where her real inspiration comes from.

“Everything comes from within. Just like our virtual Sisterhood reiterates, we all have the power within us to be exactly who we want to be. Whether I’m self-publishing digital books or building an army of women to offer mutual support, I don’t need any tools of the trade,” Weber concludes.

Weber’s book is available now from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

To visit the online community and find out more about its creator, please visit: http://www.motherinlawhell.com

About the Author: Patricia Bachkoff Weber
As one of the first women to put the spotlight on the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law struggle, Patricia is going to a place she only dreamed of. She is dedicated to her ever-growing web community, www.motherinlawhell.com and uses this platform to give a voice to all the daughters-in-law who rely on this virtual support system.

Patricia has made several appearances on radio and television including the Dr.Phil show. She also wrote and made a small cameo appearance in her wildly popular web series starring Producer and former Inside Edition correspondent Nancy Glass. The well-depicted webisodes aptly titled Mother-in-Law Hell became overnight hits, and she has exciting plans in the works for the brand. Patricia has found her calling. She is filling a void for daughters-in-law everywhere who are searching for a sanctuary of help, sanity, humor and friendship.

She is a multi-talented writer, speaker, blogger, businesswoman and entrepreneur. Mrs. Corporate America by day, Patricia comes home, kicks off her heels and lends a helping hand to her “sisters”.