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The Day I Committed Spiritual Suicide: Faith & Fiction Collide, as New Novel Urges Readers to Make Better Relationship Choices

Diligently crafted by Cassandra Willis, ‘The Day I Committed Spiritual Suicide’ follows the decision of two Christians who rapidly ruin a blossoming relationship by replacing their love with lust too quickly. Melding spiritual teachings with wisdom into the human condition, Willis is helping her audience make better choices in their own relationships.


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- While finding that ‘special person’ can evoke all manner of emotions, any good person understands that hastily rushing for lust can have disastrous consequences. In a compelling new novel by Cassandra Willis, this concept is explored in a true fusion of faith and fiction.

‘The Day I Committed Spiritual Suicide’ examines wrong intentions, natural attraction and the fine balance that must be drawn when trying to satisfy one’s own desires and the desires of God.


‘The Day I Committed Spiritual Suicide’ is a true-story drama about a landscaper who preys on successful women with money.

The narrative takes place around a church setting where Rico is introduced to a lady who is in need of a landscaper. Prior to him meeting this woman, Rico has been married to three other women and is now sweeping another off her feet with hopes of making her wife number four.

Both Rico and this woman are Christian church going people who truly love the Lord but fall quickly into a lustful relationship that leads to total destruction.

“Relationships on every level need help,” says Willis, a graduate of Kaplan University. “But I fully understand that not everyone is committed to their faith, which is why I’ve mixed spiritual information with insights into how the human mind works and how people of all faiths think.”

Continuing, “The goal is to help readers avoid making bad decisions. When you know someone your entire life, one bad decision can be worked through. However, the early weeks and years of a relationship are vital proving grounds and such mistakes can cost the entire union. If I can stop just a few readers and help them focus back on their moral compass, I’ll see this book as a resounding success.”

Willis enjoyed the rapid process of getting her book published, and has high hopes for the future.

“Just days after coming up with a title for the book, I had two publishers fighting over who would take me under their wing. This is every author’s dream! I’d love to see this book turned into a movie or play and I have been told it has great potential for both. To see it being screened around the world with subtitles would be a dream come true. I know the narrative can touch the lives and hearts of millions, “she adds.

‘The Day I Committed Spiritual Suicide’, published by Xlibris, is available now: http://amzn.to/1tJA4GF.

About Cassandra Willis
Cassandra Willis is a graduate of Kaplan University where she received an Associate in Communication/Interdisciplinary Studies and later received a BA in Applied Behavioral Science from Ashford University. She now holds a graduate certificate from Abilene Christian University in Conflict Resolutions/Negation. She is a native of Richmond, Va. There she was raised by her mother and father along with three younger sister and three brothers. Cassandra shared a heartfelt relationship with her three older sisters and three brothers who lived outside the home of her youth. She's a palmist, worship- leader, minister and public speaker and author. Cassandra has assisted several pastors and churches in church administration and development during her Christian life. She has worked with countless non-profit organizations from youth programs to women in crisis counseling. She is a member of B.I.B.L.E. Toastmaster of St. Louis, MO and the proud owner of Willis Consulting Firm LLC St Louis, MO where she currently resides with her husband. Cassandra inspires to help others reach applicable agreements in everyday situations. Along with her creativity, leadership, and social intelligence her appreciation of beauty and excellence from others speaks volumes of the humility she shares in helping individuals make positive change in their lives and the life of others.