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The Day I Met Dr. Seuss - New Book Is Pure Fiction

While fictional, ‘The Day I Met Dr. Seuss’ stems from a captivating real-world journey of one author’s wish to meet and interview the great man himself.


Saugerties, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- Spinning off the author’s own desire to meet Theodor Geisel, ‘The Day I Met Dr. Seuss’ tells the compelling fictional story of one young girl who wants to talk with Dr. Seuss and find out the ‘secret’ to his unique writing.

The book was written by Anne Emerick in rhyme; aiming to capture the hearts of Seuss fans everywhere. However, as the author explains, the story isn’t so far from her own life experiences.

“In 1989, having read everything about and by Dr. Seuss that I could get my hands on, I became captivated by the idea of meeting Theodor Geisel. Perhaps I could interview him for a magazine, never mind that I was an unpublished author,” she says.

After sending a loosely-addressed letter to his home town of La Jolla, California, Emerick was underwhelmed by the response she received.

“What I got back was a polite note from his secretary who said that Dr. Seuss was regretfully not available for me to interview. And from that reply, the idea that became ‘The Day I Met Dr. Seuss’ was born,” she adds.

After writing the book’s narrative, Emerick became worried about the legalities involved with writing fiction based on a living person. Not wanting to offend her literary idol, Emerick sent her story to the address on Geisel’s secretary’s original letter.

“I received a reply dated March 15, 1990 stating, ‘Dr. Seuss is in no way offended by the manuscript of your story about him (and his secretary)’. Well, that was all I needed, a green light to proceed. I submitted the story to every publisher who accepted children’s books from unpublished writers. While I got back some form rejection letters, I got several more lengthy letters saying that they had considered the story quite seriously, but regretfully could not commit to publish it at this time,” says Emerick, discussing the troubles of finding a publisher.

Like millions of Seuss fans around the world, Emerick was saddened by his death in September of 1991. Now unable to ever have the chance of meeting Dr. Seuss, Emerick put her story aside.

However, attending a writers’ conference over a decade later, Emerick’s passion re-ignited and she began to search for a literary agent. But the agents’ responses mirrored those of the publishers. Praised for her ‘great creativity’, Emerick was pleased with the positive comments, but frustrated to not receive any offers of representation. Feeling that the story just wasn’t going to get published, Emerick filed it away for good.

“That was until about two months ago, when I first considered making the story available on Kindle. After reading back through my series of rejection letters, I came to the realization that many people enjoyed the story and so why not share it with other Dr. Seuss fans,” she concludes.

‘The Day I Met Dr. Seuss’, is now available at the Kindle store at Amazon.com.

About the Author: Anne Emerick
Anne Emerick is a New York-based writer with a quirky sense of humor.