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The Day the Sun Cried: Pulitzer-Prize Nominated Novel Questions World's Preparedness for 'Solar Super Storm''

Inspired by a hurricane while working as a Critical Care Respiratory Therapist on Florida’s Space Coast, Lizbeth Novelliere wrote ‘The Day the Sun Cried: A Spacecoast Adventure’ to make readers question exactly how prepared they would be for a major catastrophe. Fusing hard fact with fiction, the narrative melds family, romance and survival into an adventure that is keeping readers needing only the edges of their seats.


Albuquerque, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- Lizbeth Novelliere knows first-hand the lengths that hospitals and emergency services take to ensure that they can respond rapidly to large-scale catastrophe. However, as Novelliere discovered in a hurricane that battered Florida’s Space Coast where she was working as a Critical Care Respiratory Therapist – forward planning means nothing when the actual event comes to light.

This powerful dilemma has since inspired ‘The Day the Sun Cried: A Spacecoast Adventure’; a bold adventure novel that tests the “Just in Time” philosophy with gusto. In fact, the novel has already been nominated for a Pulitzer Price.


Nick Roma's new love Rachel Moreau, his brother Jack and wife Melinda create unlikely bonds to survive after a world-wide catastrophic solar event. Would the region descent into chaos and strife or rise above intractable inconveniences to create a new society? You will find yourself wondering how you and your loved ones would face such a challenge.

“Most people know that, if something like the assumed ‘Solar Super Storm’ strikes, there will be millions of casualties around the world. However, what most haven’t thought of are the smaller day-to-day conveniences that would become non-existent,” says Novelliere. “For example, computers and satellites would shut down, toilets wouldn’t flush and gasoline wouldn’t pump.”

Continuing, “We’d be short of basic essentials and there would be no way to restock them. My narrative vividly illuminates these issues and urges readers to question how they would cope if the world around them fell apart. There’s nothing quite like this on the market.”

To date, readers have flocked in their droves to leave positive reviews. For example, K. Russell comments, “This is an excellent first novel by Lizbeth Novelliere, a fast-paced story with likable characters caught in a global catastrophe. We meet high-functioning professionals with personal problems that seem to fade as communications and refrigeration--including air conditioning--shut down in homes, workplaces, and even a hospital in Florida. The real pleasure of reading this story, for me, is in seeing how the characters deal with this situation and show previously hidden sides of themselves. The story affirms the human race as flawed but highly resourceful beings who can work together in the face of disaster, and even in a drastically changed world. I agree with the customer review envisioning a movie version--this story would indeed make a good movie!”

Florida’s Joan Hampel adds, “My imagination soared while reading this refreshing novel. A community is forced to take a step back in time when the everyday comforts of life are unexpectedly halted. Being drawn into the various trials and tribulations of those involved was exciting. In the end, you see the best in human nature come together in a very positive way.”

‘The Day the Sun Cried: A Spacecoast Adventure’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1rbrH57. It can also be purchased from the publisher’s web store: http://www.terrasanctapress.com.

Author’s official website: lizbethnovelliere.com.

About Lizbeth Novelliere
Author Lizbeth Novelliere was living in Merritt Island, Florida, not far from the Kennedy Space Center when she wrote The Day the Sun Cried, A Spacecoast Adventure. During a hurricane, her work as a hospital critical care respiratory therapist gave inspiration to the story. She realized should the predicted solar super storm happen in the near future, our emergency systems, hospitals, GPS systems, electrical grids, and the normalcy of our daily existence would be severely challenged. Computers, satellites, gasoline pumps, even flush toilets wouldn't work. Edward Deming's "Just in Time" philosophy could leave essential facilities short of basic necessities with no way to restock.

Lizbeth is a member of the Space Coast Writer's Guild and a graduate of Palm Beach State College. She is the widowed mother of three adult children, and a world traveler. She lived in several countries where self-sufficiency was the way of life. The Day the Sun Cried is her first novel. A sequel is in the works.