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The Debt Diva Launches New Debt Reduction and Financial Strategy Website

Top debt reduction specialist's new website will show Canadians how to reduce debts up to 80% while crafting strategies that will put them back on the path to financial wellness, the Debt Diva reports


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- The Debt Diva, a debt reduction specialist and financial strategy consultant, announced the launch of a brand new website detailing her services and how she can help Canadians reduce their debt loads and take control of their financial lives. Differing fundamentally from the banking-industry-funded credit-counseling services that many Canadians are aware of, the Debt Diva approaches debt problems as symptomatic of wider issues that need to be resolved. By doing so, she has successfully helped many clients reduce their debts and get back on track using her practical, results-oriented methods and systems. The Debt Diva also offers a free first consultation to those looking for help with their debts, and her new website details this option along with other aspects of her services.

"Despite the country's healthy economy," Caitlin Tohill, the Debt Diva, said "consumer debt continues to plague Canadians. People around the country are still falling behind on their payments, and the seemingly quick fixes that credit counselors propose are not enough." Total consumer debt in Canada topped $1.4 trillion by the end of last year, continuing a trend of steady growth that averages around 5 percent annually. While most Canadians continue to keep up with their loans, these growing debt burdens mean that many more are finding themselves in positions where paying them off comes to seem impossible.

When that happens, many Canadians turn to the nation's network of credit counselors. Unbeknown to many Canadian consumers, most of these are funded by banks and financial industry creditors with a stake in getting borrowers to pay off as much of their loans as possible. The well-known non-profit Credit Counselling Society, for example, receives 70% of its funding from such sources, and many industry observers believe that this fact creates a conflict of interest whereby associated counselors pay little heed to the true needs of those who come to them for help.

The Debt Diva, on the other hand, works with clients to figure out exactly what kind of sustainable financial plan will help them the most in the long term. Using easy-to-understand, intuitive concepts and practical, realistic strategies, she helps clients make decisions that will allow them to conquer their debts and recover their financial freedom.

In addition to helping clients to reduce the amounts they owe by up to 80% by dealing with creditors on their behalf, she teaches them how to cut expenses in ways that will further reduce the burdens that their debts impose on them. The Debt Diva's "Cash Flow Triangle" concept, for example, has proven to be especially fruitful for helping those struggling with debt understand how best to conquer it, and her "More Money Financial Plan" has been equally as effective in pointing out ways to cut expenses.

The Debt Diva's just-launched new website contains a variety of helpful tips and information for those with debts that have become excessive and difficult to deal with. In addition to detailing a number of her innovative but practical and effective strategies, the valuable resource also exposes many myths common to the debt counseling industry in Canada. Visitors to the new site can also easily schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation with the Debt Diva herself.

About The Debt Diva
A leading Canadian debt reduction and financial strategy specialist, the Debt Diva helps clients reduce their debts by up to 80% while equipping them with sound, sustainable strategies that lead to healthier financial lives.