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The Dental Herb Company Announces Tooth and Gums Paste: An Effective, Herbal Solution for Teeth Brushing

Natural Gumption today announces a new product.


San Juan Capistrano, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2012 -- Tooth and Gums Paste is a special formulation of essential oils and natural herbs, offering its user effective protection from tooth and gum disease. Unlike other toothpastes on the dental market, Tooth and Gums Paste offers its users a nonabrasive and effective solution to oral healthcare.

Containing such ingredients as Red Thyme, Pure Plant Saponins and Cinnamon Bark, it really is an all-natural approach to dental care.

The herbal ingredients found in Tooth and Gums Paste are incredibly powerful cleaning agents. The health benefits of green tea have been much publicized, and indeed, studies have suggested that this active extract in Tooth and Gums Paste works to promote good dental health. Once applied, the paste can substantially reduce the buildup of bacteria on the teeth, gums and tongue, due to this green tea ingredient. It is the elimination of such bacteria that is so successful at prohibiting the development of various diseases of the mouth.

Another key feature of the Dental Herb Company’s special formula is that it works as a preventative for halitosis. Due to its pure essential oils, Tooth and Gums Paste works much longer than any other commercial toothpaste on the market, to target the underlying causes of malodorous breath. To enhance the breath freshening effect of Tooth and Gums Paste, a user can rinse their mouth with a small amount of water and gargle if desired.

Tooth and Gums Paste is brought to the market by Natural Gumption.

Tooth and Gums Paste is competitively priced at around [$12]. For more information, or to order Tooth and Gums Paste, visit

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