Phantom Fireworks

The Desire for Fireworks Is Quenched Year After Year by America's Premier Purveyor of Pyrotechnics

Phantom Fireworks – The #1 Consumer Brand Fireworks Retailer in the US – Continues to Light up the Sky After Almost 40 Years in Business


Youngstown, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2016 -- There are few sensations like it. The sights, the sounds - even the smells. It could be experienced on a crowded city block, in a quiet alleyway, or simply while lying on the beach. Wherever and whenever it may have happened, few forget their first firework show. Whether a newcomer or a lifelong lover, one thing all firework fans can share is the exhilaration of the explosion - in all its shapes, sounds, and sizes. For over 40 years, Phantom Fireworks has been delivering thrilling sparks, crackles, and bursts for enthusiasts young and old. As the #1 consumer brand fireworks retailer from coast to coast, Phantom Fireworks is no stranger to putting on a good show to fulfill their customers' never-ending desire for fireworks– and there's no sign of them burning out anytime soon.

"As a pioneer in importing, distribution, and sales of the finest consumer fireworks available, Phantom has been committed from day one to delivering the best in each and every firework category", shared Bruce Zoldan, CEO of Phantom Fireworks. "Whether it's an older sibling initiating their little sister by lighting up a Ground Bloom or an epic neighborhood spectacle of Silver Sonic Warhead Rockets that can be seen for miles in every direction, we are confident our customers know and will continue to experience Phantom as 'America's Fireworks'."

Without a doubt, the title is well earned. Phantom operates 80 permanent showroom locations nationwide and over 1,200 roadside tents and stands that pop up coast to coast– beckoning droves of pyrotechnics from every walk of life eager to engage in the favorite American pastime. With everything from sparklers to fountains to 500 gram repeaters and finales, everyone is sure to leave with a huge smile of anticipation.

With the great power that generates the magic behind each spark comes the tremendous responsibility of making sure Phantom's customers remain safe at all times. The company organizes China-based and rigorous in-house testing that ensures merchandise meets or exceeds all Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. Legislative and safety concerns are reflected in the company's membership and participation in the American Pyrotechnic Association, American Fireworks Standards Laboratory, and a host of state and local organizations.

Vice president Alan Zoldan weighed in on the matter, "Our attention to detail is second to none and we believe that safety goes hand in hand with ensuring the quality of the display itself is replicated year after year so that users can always count on a show that is both entertaining and safe."

About Phantom Fireworks
The permanent open year round showrooms are fully stocked for this year's 4th of July season with the newest products as well as traditional fireworks fan favorites. In 2016, tents and stands will begin to appear around June 26 – although dates may vary slightly from state to state. With less than 70 days until July 4th, there is no better time to start planning for an epic celebration. Phantom's website is a great resource to discover thrills never known before or simply to reignite some plain old nostalgia. Whatever the case may be, customers can always be confident that their celebration will end with a bang they'll never forget!