The Diabetic Kidney Disease Diet That Gets Results


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- The negative effects of diabetes kidney disease, also known as diabetic nephropathy have affected over 100 million people in the United States and millions more worldwide. This disease can lead to the steady loss of kidney function. If the blood sugar is not controlled through diet it will damage the kidneys causing symptoms and major problems. The kidneys slowly loss function and are not able to filter out harmful toxins from the body and the person’s system slowly suffers symptoms due to this toxin buildup.

The problem with diabetic nephropathy is that the diagnosis often comes in the later stages. Therefore many conventional therapies don’t work. Until recently, the only solutions for diabetic kidney disease were waiting for it to progress to kidney failure, dialysis and the possibility of kidney transplant. But, even a kidney transplant is not a cure as there is a higher chance of the body rejecting the organ. Another complication is the person might develop diabetes as a side effect of the anti rejection medicines. These anti rejection medications can save the transplant but increase ther risk from many diseases. The chances of cancer also increase about 30% when taking the anti rejection drugs.

However, with this new diet program available, there is now a solution for diabetic kidney disease suffers to help their problems. The diet program is an exciting new treatment for anyone battling this disease. This healthy kidney diet for diabetes has been proven over and over again to the most vital factor that improves kidney disease.

It is possible for anyone with stage 2, 3 or even 4 diabetic kidney disease to avoid getting on a dialysis regimen if they just switch to this new diet program. It has been approved of by medical doctors and various other health practitioners. The diet should be followed according to the guide and sample menu plans because in this diet, it is not just, what the eat but how much and when the eat that creates the healing.

Most people with diabetic nephropathy suffer from high blood pressure and mineral imbalances like potassium and phosphorus. This leads to edema which is swelling in the feet, ankles, dry, itchy irritating skin, and fatigue. This disease also puts a lot of pressure on the heart. If diabetic kidney disease progresses to kidney failure people will have a hard and difficult life on dialysis. It is three to four times per week and three to four hours each time. This is a poor quality of life the one can avoid.

The kidney disease diet featured on is specifically targeted towards cutting back on toxic kidney destroying foods and consuming healing foods in the diet. The diet also offers alternatives to that help regulate the potassium, phosphorus and sodium levels in the body.

People can also discover “The all natural kidney health and kidney function restoration program diet and menu plan” from will not only help control but improve kidney function from an advanced stage to a more manageable stage.

The diabetic kidney disease diet is an exciting program that can be seen at An expert who has experienced the disease throughout all stages has created this program and it has been tested by hundreds of people with various stages of diabetic nephropathy, with consistent healing results.

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