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Hilton Head, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Of the top ten New Year's resolutions for 2012, losing weight topped the list which isn't surprising. Obesity continues to be a problem in America and many who don't fall into this category still wish to take off a few pounds or more. Of those who make resolutions, only eight percent actually succeed in achieving their resolution and this includes those looking to lose weight. "People tired of wasting their money on diets which don't work should turn to The Diet Plan for assistance," Deena Kriney of The Diet Plan states.

The Diet Plan reviews popular diets and recommends those which actually have a good success rate. "Having this information allows dieters to weed out those eating plans which don't have a good track record while focusing on those which do. Nutrisystem continues to be a diet plan which works for many and the Diet Plan has Nutrisystem Reviews to back this claim up," Ms. Kriney continues. "Summer will be here before we know it and Nutrisystem helps those looking to lose weight do so before bikini season arrives."

Nutrisystem currently offers discounts for those who wish to try their diet plan, but find their budget won't allow them to. Customers select the promotion which best meets their needs. "Current choices include one free meal for one week or more when the 28-day diet plan is selected. New users may prefer to make use of the free one month trial offered to see if this diet meets their needs and lifestyle. With a number of discount codes available, consumers never have to pay full price when making use of the Nutrisystem diet plan," Ms. Kriney goes on to say.

To assist those who are trying to lose weight, The Diet Plan offers tips to make the process easier. One tip that many may find to be helpful deals with milk consumption. "Switching to non-fat powdered milk allows the dieter to get the benefits of milk in their coffee without the high calories seen with regular Vitamin D milk. Small changes, along with use of the Nutrisystem diet plan, lead to major weight loss over time. Look for other weight loss tips on the site along with reviews of a number of popular plans. The Diet Plan dedicates itself to helping those who wish to lose weight achieve their goals without spending a great deal of money on plans which don't work," Ms. Kriney declares.

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The Diet Plan reviews the latest diets and recommends those which have been shown to help users lose weight effectively. Find the right diet and start taking the weight off with the help of these reviews. Not only are new diets reviewed, but The Diet Plan offers ways consumers can save money when making use of the various eating plans. Everyone loves to save money and lose weight and The Diet Plan helps to make this happen.