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The Digital Accelerator Showcases a Program to Help Companies Achieve Rapid Growth

Businesses who need help with their digital marketing strategy or want to see a rapid amount of growth in a short amount of time can turn to for help.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2015 -- According to industry experts, companies that have an automated lead attraction strategy in place see an average of 9% more sales reps making their quotas. Furthermore, nurtured leads can lead to a 20% increase in sales opportunities and 47% larger purchases, yet many businesses have difficulty with generating qualified leads and turning website viewers into paying customers.

Programs like the Digital Accelerator aim to change the dynamics of how business is done today by automating the lead attraction and nurturing process and converting potential customers into "ready-to-do-business" buyers. Experts agree, that an automated online marketing system that attracts new leads and converts them into qualified buyers is what it takes to make a 21st-century business successful.

Matt Clark, co-founder and managing director for Digital Accelerator, stated, "We work with clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to small, localized businesses, and we have helped these companies generate millions of dollars in additional revenue. 93% of the companies we work with see a positive return on their investment within three months of applying the Digital Accelerator marketing system to their business"

The Matt Clark Digital Accelerator offers businesses three different digital marketing strategies for reaching their business growth goals. Their Managed Lead Generation Service offers a fully managed proposition to help flood a business with qualified "ready to buy" prospects. The Business Accelerator program is an 8-week coaching program that teaches business owners step by step how to implement the simple but powerful automated growth marketing system into their business. Their "Done-For-You" Digital Marketing service is a premium hands-free package for established, successful business owners where the entire digital marketing automation process is handled for the business owner to ensure rapid growth without needing to implement any of the online marketing strategies on their own.

Taking advantage of this program gives business owners the opportunity to automate the entire lead generation and prospect nurturing aspect of the business so more time can be spent on day to day management as well as taking more time off to simply relax. The program can dramatically boost their profits and help business owners continue to grow and expand. According to co-founder Matt Clark, the Digital Accelerator business growth system is easy to implement and use even if the person has no prior experience with internet marketing, and it can be applied to any type of business, online or offline, regardless of what products or services they sell.

Matt Clark offers a video master class for those who are interested in learning more about digital marketing. "Nearly 99% of business owners have never seen the information available in these videos," he said. "They walk business owners through the new rules of business growth marketing that allow them to grow their business exponentially."

The Digital Accelerator promises businesses the ability to find their perfect customers by acquiring and nurturing a consistent and steady flow of leads and sales through an automated online marketing process, therefore allowing business owners to work less and spend more time enjoying their business rather than struggling to get through it. All of the services and strategies offered through Digital Accelerator have been built from the ground up by Matt Clark and business partner David Hockley who continue to apply these strategies into their own businesses.

About Matt Clark
Matt Clark is the co-founder and managing director for Digital Accelerator. He's worked alongside several Fortune 500 companies and is responsible for selling over $300 million worth of products and services for those companies. He recognizes the importance of digital marketing and systems automation and aims to teach others the same techniques he has personally designed and applied to his own seven-figure businesses.