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The Disease-Free Revolution: Award Winning Author Releases Exposé of the 'Sickness Industry'

Written by Ron Garner, this ground breaking new book is a searing condemnation of what Garner calls ‘the disease industry’, as well as a guide to living life free of conventional health care, chemically-laden food and “Big Pharma”.


Nelson, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- In ‘The Disease-Free Revolution’, author and health educator Ron Garner details how he reached seventy-six years of age in the best health of his life.

Aiming to help people escape “the disease trap”, Garner paints a damning portrait of the conventional health care system and the ways in which pharmaceutical companies are encouraged to keep people sick and dependent on medicine. Covering topics like, “Why We Get Sick” and “Building a Healthy Body”, the book also offers personal stories of transformation from readers who have had their lives changed by following Garner’s program.

As one of those readers, Mandy Dugas wrote: “I am happy and excited about my life now. We owe all our thanks to Ron and his books. They are life-changers, and we recommend them to our family and friends when they remark on our glowing health and want to know how we did it. Thank you Ron!”

Official Synopsis:

“This is the health book we have all been waiting for. Easy-to-understand, timely and transformational, it gives you the keys to gain personal power over your health and shows you how you can live a disease-free life.

In ‘The Disease-Free Revolution’ you are presented with research-based facts that show how our reliance on conventional health care systems is not working. This reliance is making us dependent on pharmaceutical treatment of symptoms, while doing nothing to help us understand and heal the causes of disease. This trap has been laid to make us the market for huge profits generated by the pharmaceutical, medical, and chemically-oriented food industries.

This book takes the mystery out of how the body operates – by showing why it succumbs to disease and how health problems can be reversed – and clearly explains the tools required to build your health.

‘The Disease-Free Revolution’ exposes health deceptions that are at the root of our growing disease statistics. If you want real and lasting health, this book is a must read!”

The award-winning author of ‘Conscious Health’, Garner is an advocate of a natural way of living and approaching health, and he believes that these methods are underestimated by people for their effectiveness and contributions to preventing and healing many diseases.

“This natural health knowledge is powerful stuff,” says the author. “Many people ignore it, and what a shame! The beauty of this program and this book is that the information provided is complete and practical -- it covers the physical, mental, and emotional areas that together form the connected parts of our health make-up.”

Continuing: “Furthermore, these principles will never go out of date. They will apply just as well for the reader’s great-grandchildren in future years as they will for the person reading now. That’s the power of natural health and natural foods – they never go out of style.”

‘The Disease-Free Revolution’ is out now, with the paperback due in late summer 2014.

eBook available at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JPKOFD4

About Ron Garner, BEd, MSc
Ron Garner, BEd, MSc, is a health researcher, educator, author and speaker. Since his retirement he has devoted his life to discovering how we can live free from disease. Ron presents complex subjects in an organized, easy-to-understand manner. He is the author of the award-wining book, Conscious Health and lives in British Columbia, Canada.