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The Document Warehouse Invests in a Bespoke Shredding Machine

With a new state-of-the-art shredding machine, the Document Warehouse’s document destruction department has raised the bar in terms of secure shredding and document destruction services


Johannesburg, GP -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- Johannesburg, South Africa - From creation to destruction, every single document has a unique lifecycle. When it comes to business information especially, there’s usually an industry regulation or a law that governs a specific area (country or city) about the mandatory life span of each document.

Besides adhering to the law, there are many benefits to using The Document Warehouse’s shredding and document destruction services. First of all, with the bespoke shredding machine (which is the company’s latest investment) all documents, papers and files are shredded so that they can never be reconstructed.

Another reason would be that; all document shredding is carried out on The Document Warehouse premises, reducing the possibility of any mishaps to zero. And to maintain confidentiality, documents that are intended to be kept secret are never transported to another site for destruction.

The Document Warehouse’s Secure Document Destruction Department shred virtually anything containing confidential information, including:
- All types of paper
- All documents - no matter what format they’re in
- Any type of files

As leaders in the document management industry, The Document Warehouse’s shredding methods were designed to make life easier for clients. When submitting documents or files for destruction, there’s no need to remove folders, staples, paper clips or even plastic sleeves. Once the process is carried out to the end, the shredding and Document Destruction department at The Document Warehouse will issue a certificate of destruction for all the documents that were shredded and destroyed.

After all of that, all material is sent out for recycling. If a client requests a destruction list (which is a list of all the documents that were successfully destroyed) then it will be given to them as soon as possible.

Since The Document Warehouse specialises in document management and everything it encompasses, all document storage boxes are given a destruction date according to either legal stipulations or customer requirements.

About The Document Warehouse
The Document Warehouse is known for providing effective document management systems. Since its conception in 1992, operating as an offsite document storage and record management company in Johannesburg, the company has expanded to most cities in South Africa and around the world.

The Document Warehouse employs hundreds of people and is constantly finding innovative document storage and management solutions to improve the cost effective service that they provide clients. For more information, please visit