The Document Warehouse

The Document Warehouse Simplifies Document Management for Businesses

With a new document scanning system, The Document Warehouse has found a way to make document management easier for businesses


Johannesburg, GP -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- When it comes to effective document management it’s unquestionable that The Document Warehouse (TDW) provides a world-class service. From advanced filing solutions, archive storage, all the way through to mere document control, TDW has the expertise to make sure that company managers focus all their energy on core business activities.

With the recently enhanced Scanning Bureau, The Document Warehouse has definitely set the bar for new document management systems. This sophisticated system does not only improve the document scanning services provided by The Document Warehouse, it also provides businesses with a versatile system that can be customised to accommodate each line of work uniquely.

This processing software, which was written by The Document Warehouse’s own technical team, finds its strength in the survey that the company uses to understand each business’ unique processes and document flow. The aim was to create and design an imaging system that will best reach the objectives and requirements of each individual business.

Every business can do with such a sophisticated tool. Not only does it allow managers to focus solely on their duties, it also allows the manager to do this with a peaceful mind (knowing that the system is designed according to their wishes and should produce the exact results that they’re hoping for). Creating such a system was a challenging task. And since every client’s documents are very different, the success of a system such as the Scanning Bureau depends entirely on the successful service it provides for the specific client’s business. So the manner of preparation of the documents for scanning, the actual scanning of these documents and also the indexing (for retrieval purposes) all play a very significant role in guaranteeing this success.

About The Document Warehouse
The Document Warehouse provides effective document management systems to businesses. Since its conception in 1992, operating as an offsite document storage and record management company in Johannesburg, the company has expanded to most cities in South Africa and around the world.

The Document Warehouse employs hundreds of people and is constantly finding innovative document storage and management solutions to provide clients with effective records management solutions.