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The Donkey Speaks...AGAIN! - New Book Asks "Could All Prophets Be Wrong?"; Empowering Readers to Solve the Puzzle of God's Prophetic Timeline

Diligently researched and compiled by John Hohl, ‘The Donkey Speaks... AGAIN!: Could all the prophets be wrong?’ breaks new ground with the world’s first explanation of Bible prophecy that is literally contradiction-free. Forcing readers to change the way they perceive God and many Bible teachings that they have held near and dear, John Hohl takes a new approach to present an authoritative new outline of the Bible that will allow anyone to finally understand even the most difficult passages including all prophecies and visions.


Gaithersburg, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- According to John Hohl, modern theologians work backwards; attempting to interpret prophecy by applying their theology to prophecy and then rejecting all other interpretations. To assist them and the millions of believers looking to understand God and the Bible without the usual stumbling blocks, John Hohl is presenting history’s first contradiction-free explanation of Bible prophecy.

‘The Donkey Speaks... AGAIN!: Could all the prophets be wrong?’ will help readers grow closer to their faith by challenging many long-held and never questioned "doctrines" of their faith. It’s a spiritually-challenging read, but a vital one for any Christian who is tired of the Bible’s troubling and difficult passages that slow their spiritual growth and cannot seem to be adeuately explained by their church leaders and the many "experts" they rely on.


How we understand and interpret prophecy ultimately determines how we interpret the rest of the Bible—even how we understand God. Unfortunately, all the currently accepted outlines of how the end-times are portrayed in the Bible contain contradictions. The two major groups—Amillennialism (who reject the theory that Jesus Christ will have a literal, thousand-year-long, physical reign on the earth) and Premillennialism (who believe Jesus Christ will literally and physically return to the earth after taking the Christian believers up to heaven)—each have strong arguments. While the Premillennial view appears to have the most validity, it also has many contradictions mainly rooted in the assumption of a seven-year yet future tribulation before the second coming.

The Donkey Speaks Again will help the reader finally understand Bible prophecies and the way the Bible lays them out for us. Key Bible words and phrases are interpreted to allow the reader to overlap singular events depicted within the two separate visions of end-times events (given to Jews in the Old Testament and the Christians in the New Testament) confidently as occurring together on the prophecy timeline. When faced with these truths, the reader will be forced to change the way they understand God, the Bible, and definitely some long-held, but never questioned beliefs.

John Hohl takes readers deep into the Daniel prophecies, through the Matthew 24 parables and finally verse by verse through Revelation. Throughout the book, the author reveals how the Old and New Testaments are very much intertwined with one another and maintains the same interpretation for individual words and phrases in order to maintain the integrity of Scripture which, like God, NEVER changes.

“While researching and composing this book, I was forced to abandon many of my doctrinal stands and pre-conceived beliefs,” admits the author. “After continuous back-and-forth comparison of prophecy with prophecy, I was forced to accept what the Bible was saying in order to erase every contradiction that would pop out with every misstep.”

Continuing, “Post-1900 theologians don’t seem to be able to grasp the fact that encountering contradictions means that their theories relating to Bible prophecy are seriously flawed. In fact, virtually all current outlines don’t correspond with what the Bible really says. My book and explanation changes all of that; it’s so simple and accessible that people of all ages can embrace it and finally make sense of what the Bible has to say. It’s game-changing,” he adds.

‘The Donkey Speaks... AGAIN!: Could all the prophets be wrong?’, from Outskirts Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/10vegpk.

About John Hohl
The author lives in Maryland.