The Dos and Donts of Hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator

A recent job brought to topic that many folks get scammed when hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- A recent job brought to topic that many folks get scammed when hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator. Recently our project manager arrived at a job to spec a prep job and found an unlicensed exterminator spraying only the top of a mattress that had infested an entire apartment.

Exterminators are licensed in every state in the US. They must be able to produce a valid, up-to-date state issued license. In this particular instance the unlicensed exterminator charged the tenant only $50 – that should have been the first alarm. Further an infestation that is allowed to fester will not only get worse but will cost more and more to rectify with every day that passes.

Where can infestations come from?

- Recent travel/hotel stays
- College dorms/students visiting
- Public transportation
- Coat check
- Hospitals
- Second hand furniture
- Second hand electronics
- Second hand clothing

Our project manager was at the premises to price out prep work. Prep work is an integral part of the successful fight of bed bug exterminating and it is one of the reasons that Bed Bug 911 is unsurpassed in service offerings, bed bug products, and when trying to get rid of bed bugs. Bed Bug 911 and its sister company, Home Clean Home, Inc. work in tandem to handle all of the bed bug prep and extermination.

What is bed bug prep work?

Prep work is the painstaking preparation, sorting, selection, organizing and removal that must happen before a successful and permanent extermination. The tenant mentioned in this incident above thought that spraying the top of his mattress would suffice.

First and foremost you should know that any reputable company will tailor a prep work plan and bed bug exterminator services for you. Also most extermination companies who value you as a customer will refer you to a reputable bed bug prep company like Bed Bug 911 and Home Clean Home, Inc., Inc. We work with many other bed bug exterminator companies so that you can get this necessary service. Also many companies will charge you for canine services when you already know you have bed bugs. Canine services are provided by only when an infestation is uncertain.

Our Prep work includes:

- Laundry Services: We will carefully inspect every single piece of clothing and bedding.
- Removal: We will remove bed linens, pillowcases, box springs and clothes from infested areas.
- Placing of articles in large bags and sealed in preparation for laundered services.
- Remove and treat unsalvageable bedding and furniture. Transport items to designated collection points of building.
- Remove items off the floor, especially in rooms where bed bugs are present or suspected.
- Empty bedroom closets, bedside tables, and drawers to prepare for inspection and treatment.
- Remove pictures, clocks, posters and adornments from your walls.
- Unplug electronic devices; remove all electrical outlets and light switch plates (to inspect for infiltration).
- We use our HEPA vacuum for carpets, upholstery corners and crevices.
- Steam clean and treat mattress, box spring and headboard.
- Ask us about our own line Steam Cleaners
- We provide mattress restoration services when possible as well as mattress, box spring covers or encasements that will keep bed bugs out.
- Our mattress covers or encasements are luxurious, durable, washable, waterproof, fire retardant, stretchable top of the line covers that will outlive your
bed bug prepmattress cover" href="">bed bug exterminatorbed bug prepmattress cover>> mattress. Our mattress covers feature a locking patented sealed safety zipper.
- Clean, steam and treat area rugs, curtains and furniture (paying special attention to edges, cracks, gaps and baseboards).
- Ensure perimeters and walkways are accessible for bed bug extermination services.

Home Clean Home services include office maintenance, post-construction, janitorial, maid/housekeeping, fire/flood restoration, window washing, floor restoration, hoarder specialty services, handyman/home repair services, mold mitigation, move out/in service, bed bug cleaning experts and Passover cleanings. HCH can custom tailor a program for any residential or commercial need. Our team is available to work regular hours, nights or weekends to accommodate any schedule. We are a one-stop-shop powerhouse.

Home Clean Home, Inc., is a full service contract maintenance firm to residential and commercial customers. Founded by Nicole Levine a single mom, the company provides "one-stop-shop" solutions with an array of custom tailored service offerings from products to any service necessary as needed by our customers. For a complete list of services please visit

Bed Bug 911, the sister company of Home Clean Home, Inc., is a full service contract maintenance firm, is a leading bed bug products manufacturer and bed bug preparation and extermination company offering bed bug solutions to residential and commercial customers. Founded by Nicole Levine a single mom, the company provides “one-stop-shop” solutions with an array of green commercial and residential cleaning products as well as bed bug maintenance control products.

Home Clean Home Inc., BedBug911 and Hygea Natural, Inc. are Woman-Owned (WBE Certified) Corps. Home Clean Home, has made the 2013 Inc. 500|5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. This achievement puts us in rarefied company like Microsoft, Timberland, Vizio, Intuit, Jamba Juice, Oracle, and Zappos. Also we’ve been selected as one of the “Top Businesses 2013” by Diversity and in 2011 Nicole Levine, our founder was recognized as the Businesswoman of the Year by The New Independent Democrats.