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The Drama-Free Workplace: Powerful New Book Exposes Triggers & Alternative to Soul-Destroying Workplace Drama.

Having worked for five companies that each displayed their own unique problems, Valerie Boyce has observed the many actions and triggers that lead to workplace drama. While most thrive on its tumultuous nature, Boyce’s ground-breaking new book shows any company or individual how to recognize brewing drama and avoid it positively.


Canton, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- While many believe that work and drama go hand-in-hand, Valerie Boyce knows that it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, having spent decades studying drama in the workplace and its negative effects on operations and employee’s, Boyce has identified a clear-cut strategy for perusing an alternative response.

Everything is outlined in ‘The Drama-Free Workplace’, a new book set to become a staple for many.


The Drama-Free Workplace book will show employees actions that trigger drama and will provide them with some alternatives to drama. The book will direct them to seek opportunities to increase their skills through training and higher education, develop their own career path, make themselves marketable, get rid of self-sabotaging behaviors and more.

As drama is limited in the workplace, productivity, employee engagement and satisfaction will increase resulting in happier and motivated employees.

The author helps employees eliminate drama and self-sabotaging behaviors by taking them through a process that will improve and restore their confidence, enhance their mindset and improve their communication skills.

As the author explains, drama in the workplace has reached epidemic levels.

“Many can’t go a day without their boss having unreasonable expectations of them, being forced to deal with bullies and feeling underappreciated or bogged down by politics. Ultimately, this prevents personal growth. I’ve been there many times and know how debilitating it can be,” says Boyce.

Continuing, “It’s not always possible to go home and yell at the kids or punch a wall. Therefore, my book will help anyone identify ‘drama triggers’, learn to laugh at drama and re-channel their emotions. Anyone can learn to control their own atmosphere and not make bigger workplace issues about them. This will not only have a profound effect on their day-to-day work, but also on their health and happiness,” says Boyce.

Continuing, “We can choose to detach from the daily drama from others and choose not to create any drama at work. No matter how others behave or how unfulfilled we feel in our job, the drama can end with us.”

Pertinent to anyone in the workplace, interested readers are urged to purchase the book as soon as possible.

‘The Drama-Free Workplace’ is available now.

About Valerie Boyce
Valerie Boyce has been human resources professional for over 15 years with a Master’s Degree in HR Management.

She is a speaker, life coach and founder of Wiser Workplace Consultare, LLC, a human resources consulting firm. She created “HR to the Rescue” to assist employees and organizations in finding solutions to daily HR issues.