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Westlake Village, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2014 -- It can be troublesome trying to find the right window treatments for a home without knowing the options that are available. Depending on the kind of window and the amount of lighting it gets, The Drapery Guy’s window treatments in Westlake Village can certainly make a difference in the overall look of one’s home. There are several different kinds of curtain, drapes and shades, which many people are not aware of. The most important thing to consider is preference; whether one prefers privacy, light or some of both.

Window Treatments in Westlake Village

If shoppers are trying to find the right look for a living room or family room that has a lot of space, then natural light is a must. Semisheer treatments can brighten the room while adding a touch of color that a drab room could be in desperate need for. A subtle amount of privacy is provided, while still offering plenty of options for light, depending on how many windows there are in the room. The Drapery Guy is one of the best places to look when considering this option.


Cellular shades are one of many window treatments in Westlake Village that creates the vision of privacy. Generally quite fitting for bathroom windows, these provide maximum privacy. They are also known as the top-down/bottom-up shade, and still allow plenty of natural light through so homeowners won't have to be fumbling for the light switch in the dark.


Draperies can add a lot of style to a bedroom while still offering a lot of privacy, while still allowing some natural light to come through. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, it can certainly set an atmosphere that is calm and relaxing, so people can have an easier time of getting to bed and waking up in the morning with the rising sun. They can even be combined with blinds in order to add further privacy to your bedroom.

Roman Valances

Roman valances are one of the most common drapes in Westlake Village that are used in many parts of a home. They can be tilted with the turn of a handle to make it as dark or as light as possible within a room, and can be altered to the user's preferences.

Regardless of the kind of curtains or drapes people are looking for, you won't have to look further than getting window treatments in Westlake Village by The Drapery Guy. They have everything one ever needs to add that sense of style not seen anywhere else.

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