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The Dried Fruits Should Be the Best Ingredients for Mineral Supplementing and Weigh Loss, Health Experts Believe


Shandong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- In each summer, the large increasing of temperature could lead to body's huge sweating which could cause the body lost of salt, potassium, calcium and other kinds of minerals. If could not promptly add these necessary elements, it may cause metabolic imbalance which would lead to physical discomfort. Therefore, in the summer holiday, in addition to drinking of enough plenty of water, people should also supplement such kinds of minerals. However, the most simply way for people to reach this goal is the eating for dried fruit.

According to the introducing of website which is the best exporter for all kinds of bulk dried fruits, raisins, dried figs, dried dates, dried apricots, prunes and etc. which are made of the drying of fresh fruits are all sort of dried fruits. Due to the small containing of water of the dried fruits, it would be more portable than the fresh fruit.

Some people said:¡± The fruit's nutrition would be lost dried fruits supplier after the drying process.¡± In fact, this saying is incorrect. The main losing of nutrition of dried fruits is mainly water and some vitamins. However, the minerals and other nutrients have been concentrated. That is to say, that the mineral content of each 100 grams of dried fruit would be much higher than the original fresh fruit. So, the dried fruits should be the best choice for people after large quantity of sweating because the dried fruits contain more minerals.

Compared with the fresh fruit, another advantage of dried fruit should be the convenient carrying. And in the course of processing, the excess water of the fresh fruit would be removed and then the fruit would become the rigid ingredients so as to the eating for this kind of ingredients could not reduce the body temperature. On the other hand, the dried fruits could also increase the number of chewing action of people. Once the number of chewing increased, people¡¯s brain would have secretion of hormones that would help people produce satiety feeling. So, dried fruit also helps to lose weight from this perspective. Meanwhile, the dried fruit can retain much more dietary fiber and the substance such as vitamins and minerals could not be easy to be drained. So, the dried fruits can be described as the best ingredients for people's beauty and slimming.

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