The Driver's Pledge Launches the "Be A Good Driver" Campaign"

A friendly reminder sticker campaign that promotes awareness while encouraging responsible behavior of drivers throughout the US.


Laurel, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- As you know the nation has spent millions of dollars in preventative measures regarding the actions of distracted drivers such as: drinking, texting, eating, reading, and loose pets in vehicles to name a few. Our campaign is a new approach to have all states to adopt this new “Be A Good Driver Campaign.”

The Driver’s Pledge is designed to make daily commuters aware of the distractions associated with driving, and the dangerous consequences of distracted driving. The company’s logo which also translates into a visual sticker reminder is a unique way in which we can make a difference throughout the United States. The Driver’s Pledge campaign affords a means in which we can bring together diverse groups such as local communities, safety advocates, legislators and other elected officials, law enforcement, business, auto dealerships, and concerned citizens to take “The Driver’s Pledge.”

We'd love to have you join The Driver's Pledge in promoting awareness and encouraging responsible behavior of drivers throughout the United States. Our Nation’s roads will be safer for everyone.

Our “Be A Good Driver Campaign” offers drivers the opportunity to purchase The Driver's Pledge Decals and by placing them on their vehicle instrument panels in plain view as a reminder to drive safely and avoid dangerous distractions.

You too can make a big difference by joining us. Purchase your Good Driver's decal and place it on your dash today!

Tell your friends “Be A Good Driver...Remove the Distractions!”

For more information about The Driver’s Pledge, please visit, or you can contact Tyrone Anthony via email or via phone 301.605.2529