The DST Foundation Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise $300,000 to Perfect Technology Allowing People to Download Medical Remedies from the Internet

This Indiegogo Campaign Will Allow The DST Foundation to develop a new series of pharmaceuticals that are affordable, accessible and free of side effects.


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- For 5 years The DST Foundation have been working on the technology of the large-scale usage of informational copies (emissions) of remedies. It’s a new, effective, non-chemical form of pharmaceuticals with no side effects and contraindications. They have applied for a patent on this groundbreaking technology in January 2012 (patent application PCT/RU2012/000033, WO 2013/112066 A2) – “Form of remedies without side effects and the method of its preparation”.

The aim of the project is to give people the opportunity to use new a form of remedies without side effects and contraindications. It is the goal of the DST Foundation to allow anyone to use this phenomenon created by nature.

These new types of remedies can be used if the intake of chemical preparations causes side effects and/or allergic reactions or resistance or when chemical preparations are not available or are too expensive or if the patient wants to take a preparation for diseases prophylaxis.

IC Medicines, as they are dubbed, is an alternative and supplement to the existing methods of treatment.

About The DST Foundation
The DST Foundation is an international team of scientists, doctors and managers devoted to giving the sick and the infirm a new method of treatment that can help them when other remedies might not work well if at all.

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