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The Epic Fantasy Titled, "Dead Star: Frozen Magic," Is Now Available on Amazon


Northport, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- Six thousand years ago a Doom came to the world of Eldaria. It ended the civilization of the Ancients, broke the weather, and froze the magic of the old world in an ice that never melts. In the wake of the ages of ice and snow that followed, the scattered tribes of man have banded together to form the proper Realm, the new bastion of human civilization in a world that had been destroyed.

The Western and Eastern Kingdoms of the Realm have been at odds for centuries, and forty years ago a war which spanned two decades ravaged the countryside. A fragile peace had been established, and as the twentieth anniversary of the peace approaches, war again threatens to break out. While some still cling to the religions of the old world, and worship the frozen djinn or the Goddess, others have embraced the logic of scientos. The seat of such belief is the land of Midgard. Set between West and East, and guarded by a vast wall, Midgard is ruled by a handful of governors, and ultimately overseen by a single family aristocracy that controls the economic power of the land.

On the anniversary of the peace, a summit is to be held by Davik Gracious, the leader of Midgard, at its capital Stormbreaker Stronghold. Davik intends to put an end to the war once and for all, solidify the peace with proper treaty, and usher in a new age of enlightenment for all of mankind. DEAD STAR: FROZEN MAGIC follows the journeys of Davik's nephew, his wife, his wife's cousin, a Northern girl, and a member of the knightly order the Royal Huntsmen, as they struggle to ensure that Davik's plans come to fruition.

Meanwhile, Havik Davenport, the nephew of an Eastern lord, has gone on a ranging to the North pole to collect an extremely valuable ore known as star metal. Havik's adventure unleashes fresh Doom again upon the world, and unless those few who have been graced with the returning embers of elemental magic can work together to stop it, the Realm, and all of Eldaria, will cease to exist.

About Gregory Mandarano
The author, Gregory Mandarano, is a well known screenwriter and a novelist. He is a native New Yorker, and intends to take Hollywood by storm. Dead Star: Frozen Magic represents his lifetime of passion and interest in all things fantasy and science fiction.

Dead Star: Frozen Magic can be purchased on Amazon. Its Kindle version is available at the very affordable price of $3.99, and both paperback and Kindle are bundled together for $18.08.

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