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The Epic of God: New Book Gives Vital Insight Into Historical & Cultural Background of Genesis

More than just a Bible commentary, Michael Whitworth’s new book is a compelling ‘conversation’ about Genesis. Having already won 1st place in the 2012 Christian Choice Book Awards, ‘The Epic of God’ is set resonate with readers around the world.


Bowie, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- Unlike so many regular Bible commentaries, Michael Whitworth’s latest book ignites profound and vital conversation about Genesis. Taking readers deep into the cultural and historical background behind the Old Testament’s first book, readers will see it with renewed light that applies to everyday life.

‘The Epic of God’ is a debut release that is set to become a celebrated text in its field.


Genesis is a book of beginnings. It introduces us to several biblical themes, including God's authorship of life. In a world that blames the Creator for disasters and credits luck or karma for life's blessings, God's people need reminding that he is crafting a wondrous story of redemption and grace.

Within Genesis, we are called to play the part of faithful children so that we might overcome this world and inherit the one to come. In God's story, we discover how to live out our own. THE EPIC OF GOD will guide you passage-by-passage through the book of Genesis in hopes of deepening your trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

As the author explains, it is vital that people gain a deeper understanding of Genesis and its relevance to their own existence.

“Repeatedly in Genesis, we are reminded of the proper way to live so as to please God, and we are urged to trust him completely instead of ‘going our own way.’ When people rebelled against God's will in Genesis’ stories, their lives became difficult,” says Whitworth, who preaches for a church near Fort Worth.

He continues, “But there is also hope in Genesis that God works past our sin and dysfunction to accomplish great things on our behalf. Over and over, we are not only reminded of the need to live a godly life, but also of just how infinitely loving, gracious, and merciful God is.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of five-star reviews.

“The Epic of God is a unique approach to the book of Genesis. It reads as a guide rather than a commentary. I want to encourage every serious Bible student to pick up a copy of The Epic of God. Have it handy as you read your Bible. Buckle your seat belt and get ready for an exciting ride through the book of beginnings!” says ChrisMC, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

R. Thompson was equally as impressed, saying, “A great read and/or study guide to the book of Genesis. This is not the usual question and answer study of Genesis. Instead, the writer makes you think and encourages you to want to learn more. No matter where you are in your journey with God, you will gain much from reading this book.”

Having achieved overwhelming success, Whitworth has recently announced that more titles are currently in the works. His latest guide, ‘The Derision of Heaven: A Guide to Daniel,’ is due for release soon.

In the meantime, ‘The Epic of God’ is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/YkkQpc

About Michael Whitworth
Michael Whitworth preaches in Bowie, Texas. He authors the online blog Start2Finish, a reflection of his daily struggle to become more like Jesus. In his spare time, Michael enjoys drinking coffee, watching sports, and spending time with his awesome wife and their two rambunctious dogs.