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The Eryphea Trilogy: Compelling New Books by S.S. Engle Whisk Readers on True Journey of Self-Discovery.

Encouraging readers to think outside the box and consider what it means to be them, S.S. Engle’s ‘Eryphea Trilogy’ is set to resonate with readers across the globe.


Hesperia, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/01/2013 -- Many literary experts describe the perfect book as a combination of both a powerful story and an opportunity for the reader to learn something new. In the case of author S.S. Engle, her latest series of books provides both in abundance.

In fact, the ‘Eryphea Trilogy’ possesses the power to change readers’ lives forever. As the first ingredient to the perfect book, each contains an engaging and immersive plot.


Book 1: Aerys Dawson is a young college graduate and is ready to take that next step in her life. One summer day she ventures into a strange building in the city that takes her on a journey of self discovery and follows the twists and turns that come with new love. She encounters old friends, and makes plenty of new ones in her travels throughout the building. This building isn’t average though, each level takes you to a different period in time, from 2011 AD to 1550 BC. Each floor seems like a time warp where people seem to be looking for something, something of theirs that was lost. Aerys and her friends weave in and out of relationships while venturing from one time period to the next. When three of her closest friends find that special someone an unexpected turn has all of them blindsided. This building is surely more than meets the eye!

Book 2: Aerys Dawson has just lost three of her closest friends to this dimensional time warp of a building. After learning that all the people in the building can’t escape she and her remaining group of friends try to hatch an escape plan. While the group grows and loses some of its members to a similar fate the trials and tribulations of friendships and relationships start to take their toll. Traveling through time floor by floor they meet new and old faces that stir up old feelings. Now she is questioning choices she has made thus far. It is clear that some people from Aerys' past have come back to confront her, but can she handle it? With all the connections being made she feels as though she is being left behind.

Book 3: Aerys Dawson is now the only one left from her group of friends that has not moved on or ran off. For the first time on entering the building she travels alone through history to find out who she is and what she is looking for so that she may move on. After having lost countless friends she realizes that all the people in the building are dead. They are physical souls that are in limbo until they find their soul mate and what makes them who they are. Again she reunites with new and familiar faces from earlier travels which brings new relationships into question.

As the author explains, each book offers an indulgent look deep inside the mind and life of every reader.

“It's a journey of self-discovery of one's true self and what it means to be you. If you could choose only one object that summed you up as a whole, just one object, what would it be and why? It's not a profound object is it?” says Engle.

Continuing, “It probably means nothing to anybody but you, but that's all that matters. People have a funny way of attaching themselves to places, people, and objects in their lives. This is that story.”

Fused with elements of reality, the Eryphea Trilogy bases many of its concepts on real-world history.

“The trilogy weaves in and out of important and critical times in history and takes a look worldwide at who we are as people,” Engle adds.

Poised to become timeless classics, readers are urged to get their hands on a copy of each book while supplies last.

Each title can be purchased from Amazon: http://amzn.to/Z2AMm0

For more information, visit: http://www.facebook.com/Eryphea

The books and their author can also be followed on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SSEngle

About the Author
Author S.S. Engle is a recent college graduate of California State Polytechnic University Pomona where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. With the first trilogy completed and many more books in the line up you will be seeing her name for many years to come. This is just the beginning for this author!