The European Company Mediaxes A/S Has Developed Mytraveldoc - a Medical Service to Travellers

When travellers are in need of medicine or in need of a consulting a physician, they can contact Mytraveldoc by telephone or video link - access to a physician is provided within 5 minutes.


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2012 -- In a recent press release, Mediaxes has announced the arrival of its new website. The website is designed to provide 24x7 hours medical advices to travellers wherever they are in the world, and in relation to any health concern they might experience e.g.:

- My child seems dehydrated - is it urgent? Call Mytraveldoc and let them help you
- I am in the hospital - I do not understand the foreign speaking physicians? Call and let Mytraveldoc speak to them
- My prescribed medication is at home - what do I do? Call and get the prescription medicine from Mytraveldoc

The service provides great safety for travellers, a smaller risk of malpractice and a much faster clarification to any health related problem - leaving more time to enjoy the journey.

The company has an experienced team of medical physicians to provide advice through email, SMS, telephone or video conferencing; its up to the patient to choose.

Language barrier is not a problem - Mediaxes physicians speak several different languages.

Company CEO, Mads Kjær Larsen, said: “We have a long lasting experience in medical advisory

– where we have realised that it is very important to arrange medical advice in response to travellers health concerns”. Considering the fact that travellers come from different cultures and speaks different languages, the company has ensured medical service in different languages.

“We have engaged a range of doctors with wide-ranging specialties; general medicine, gynecology, oncology, renal medicine, plastic surgery, anesthesia, orthopedic surgery and more - you can always expect excellent service from us”, the CEO continued.

About Mediaxes A/S
Since 2006 Mediaxes A/S has delivered professional medical claims management to insurance companies, municipalities, and private companies and has experience from more than 35,000 consultations.

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