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The Evolution of Conventional Chalk: Liquid Chalk Markers, Now Available from Zippy Marks


Milwaukee, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Zippy Marks is an arts and craft brand which also offers 8 pieces, 6mm chisel tip liquid chalk markers, which produce brilliant, long lasting colors, and are smudge resistant, do not dry out quickly or fade. Liquid Chalk markers have many advantages over its predecessor the traditional chalk, due to their vibrant colors and no mess use liquid chalks are quickly replacing regular chalk in classroom, menu boards and displays.

Liquid chalk markers are best used on non-porous surfaces including mirrors and glass and also non-porous drawing boards because the liquid chalk can be wiped off such surfaces using a wet cloth, whereas on porous surfaces liquid chalk markers deliver a permanent result which makes these makers versatile. A quality brands such as Zippy Marks offers liquid chalk markers that are long lasting because they do not dry out or fade quickly, this allows liquid chalk markers to last much longer compared to the regular chalk which are extremely fragile and break frequently adding to the mess using chalk creates. Furthermore, Liquid chalk are better for people with allergies and hate the powdery mess chalks release, because the markers are liquid in based, these eliminate the heaps of dust and residue traditional chalk produces, the tiny particles of chalk powder from traditional chalks in the air can trigger allergies including symptoms as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, nasal congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose.

Through the vivid colors offered by Zippy Marks liquid chalk markers, people can use chalk to create eye catching art and displays, the bold color and a smooth defined finish allows users to bring their art to life. Each 8 piece set includes 7 brilliant neon shades and a white colored liquid chalk marker most suitable for dark colored surfaces and a chiseled 6mm tip which allows users to create fine details, a feature that is not possible with regular chalk. Zippy Marks liquid chalk markers are great for use in classrooms and with kids, because the markers are non-toxic, eco-friendly and adhere to green manufacturing standards. The highest quality materials and manufacturing processes have been employed in the development of the markers.

Zippy Marks Liquid Chalk Markers Buyer, CEYLN writes: "Marker logo is cute. Colors are bright and deep. I found that if you store them lying down horizontally, the tips will stay nice and moist. If not, you can re-ink them by priming them again or using a drop of water. I know it should only be used on non-porous surfaces but I did use them on paper a few times."

About Zippy Marks
Zippy Marks is a brand of Premium quality liquid chalk markers. To buy the 8 pieces, 6mm chisel tip liquid chalk markers, please visit Zippy Marks Amazon store on:

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