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The Expansion of Packaging Business Will Hold Lucrative for the U.S Dry Aging Beef Market

The market will accrue a sum of $11,176 million in 2020 from a previous figure of $10,446 million in 2015. The compound annual growth rate registered is 1.3% for the forecast period of 2016–2022.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2017 -- The market owes it financial rise to factors like changing taste preferences for flavored meats, need for protein rich food, and consumer's inclination towards premium products.

The study gives a bird's eye view of the entire market, key benefits for stakeholders, and research methods applied that give shape to this report. The market overview covers topics such as trends in dry aging beef production, distribution channels, the influence of end users, dry aging beef sales through retail shops, the role of packaging business, the usage of dry aging beef, and value chain analysis of dry aging beef.

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The beef market has been divided on the basis of distribution channels, value, and volume of the beef market. The market also heavily depends on the manufacturing and packaging market. Quality packaging is the most critical process to market the product to high-end customers. The method of packaging plays a role in influencing and altering the way the product tastes. Packaging also prevents from severe contamination during handling and transportation, risk on anaerobic bacterial growth, and preserves the flavor. Due to this demand for a high-quality packaging, the segment is now registering a CAGR of 1.7% during the forecast period.

The report also provides an analysis of the dry aging beef market for the forecast period of 2014–2020. The analysis is on the market size, market volume, challenges faced during production, distribution, and expanding the packaging business for the dry aging beef market.

One of the market leader profiled for the dry aging beef segment is Drybag Steak, LLC (umai dry). The study for this key player includes the company overview, monetary gains during the forecast period, volume of sales on Umai Dry bag for making dry aging beef, and volume of sales and unit price for domestic and commercial use. Other key players mentioned in the research are DeBragga, The Ventura Meat Company, Buckhead Beef, Chicago Steak Company, American Grass Fed Beef, Fairway Packaging Company, West Coast Prime Meats, Dry Age Pro, Henkelman, and Creek Bed Country Farmacy, LLC.

Key points to be noted from the Dry Aging Beef Market report:

- There are valuable insights provided for the U.S Dry Aging Beef Market for the duration 2014 to 2020.
- Market intelligence provides detailed information about the competitive scenario prevailing among the key players along with their strategic moves.
- Packaging is the most important phase that can influence the end product. Hence the packaging industry can see a potential in expanding its business for the U.S Dry Aging Beef Market.
- Value chain analysis provides details on the role of various distribution channels.
- The report also mentions the market share of the key producers including the meat processors, distributors, loin butcher companies, and end users.

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