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The Failing American Project: New Book Exposes Nation Stolen from 'The People' Shifting Blame from Political Leaders to the Citizens That Elected Them

The culmination of years of research by N.A. Fletcher involving over three-hundred official resources, ‘The Failing American Project’ impartially showcases how the once-greatest nation on Earth has self-destructed into a shadow of its former self. However, unlike many other books on the United States’ decline, Fletcher makes it clear that the burden of responsibility lays with individual Citizens who continually elect inept politicians and enter the vicious circle of the status quo.


Cookeville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- Fletcher has a viewpoint on the nation and its society from true authority; having put aside his opinions to instead form conclusions based on hundreds of pieces of Governmental evidence. His findings are bleak; the American people sat by in silence as their once-great nation was stolen from them and the leaders they elected operated only for personal gain. In his new book, Fletcher outlines this rapid decline while empowering readers to stand up and take action.

Everything is exposed in ‘The Failing American Project’, a book that will impact each and every American without exception. Focusing on the collective actions of the Federal Government, rather than naming individual politicians, Fletcher boldly illuminates the simultaneous failings of American voters and their fatal apathy.


The American public has failed their charge in maintaining the greatest democratic republic the world has ever known. The founding principles of the United States constitution have become skewed and manipulated by the very leaders elected to protect this moral and defining document.

The Failing American Project started long before the explosive and dividing social issues that are discussed in this book. The ethical misgivings of the political machine in Washington have only solidified the selfish agendas set by the politicians we as a society elected to represent us. Indeed, Americans tend to blame politicians for their troubles but fail to realize that they voted them into power. These politicians will then say or do anything they can to keep their power thus accelerating the demise of the greatest nation on earth.

In researching information for this book it became clearly obvious that we live in a world of intolerance and miss information. Including a chapter on Media Bias and how it relates to our government was almost a given.

The issues discussed in the book cover a variety of divisive and highly opinionated topics facing Americans today. Education, Religion, Foreign Policy, Social welfare, Abortion and Gun Control are all issues that affect every American yet seem to divide us as a Nation. This book was written as to present factual information without partisanship or emotionally charged excerpts. After all, information is King in today's society. Getting correct information is exactly what political zealots do not want you to have.

“It is hard to know where to begin with the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into,” admits Fletcher. “Our education system has slipped to become one of the worst in the western world, unions have become corrupt, our foreign policy funds illegal violence abroad, our borders are virtually wide open and the Government is more concerned about foreign aid and its PR image than solving problems on home soil. Who should be blame? Ourselves.”

Continuing, “The American people have lost sight of the Government and its purpose. They elect effectively useless leaders who further drive the country into turmoil and then mislead us all at the next election. The truth is that real change has to be decisive and action-oriented – not just a buzzword at some airport rally ten days before we vote. While this book paints a picture of a changing America, we can certainly use it as the inspiration for a new beginning.”

Readers have flocked in their droves to leave positive reviews. Rebecca K. Winscott comments, “As a high school Social Studies teacher, it is invaluable to find a book this "balanced" to use in my classroom. LOTS of well researched information, very valid and supported opinions, and very well written. Definitely a great resource book, and a must-read for people looking for concise, unbiased information about the state of our country...”

Brian Cronin adds, “N.A. Fletcher's The Failing American Project is a must read book for a look into the future of the United States of America. With so many issues to discuss, Fletcher does a great job touching on MANY of our country's ongoing problems with an unbiased approach. Fletcher also backs up all of his "opinions" with extensive research and a hefty works cited page. Republican and Democrat friendly.”

‘The Failing American Project’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1no2tfO.

For more information, visit the official website: http://www.thefailingamericanproject.com.

About N.A. Fletcher
N.A. Fletcher studied Environmental Engineering and Political Science at Middle Tennessee State University. After college, he began a 15 year career in Arbitration for corporate America. During his career he also has designed and engineered a biological fuel facility and started several small businesses. Realizing the power of big government over reach and regulation in business, Mr. Fletcher embarked on his education once more in Political Theory and Social Cohesion. Today Mr. Fletcher continues his research and writings in an effort to understand and educate on the problems Americans will face in the future.