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The Fairy Magic: Enchanting Children's Book, Sharing Magical Story of 'Eggplant Princess', Sets Sights on the Big Screen

Masterfully created and written by Charu Shukla Sahi, ‘The Fairy Magic’ blends a story of love, magic, stolen souls and happy endings to prove that good will always triumph over evil. While the book’s stunning illustrations bring its narrative to life, the author is now setting her sights on an animated movie – actively seeking out production partners.


Ashburn, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- It’s been a long time since the silver screen has been graced with an animated movie about fairies – mystical creatures that captivate the attention of millions of children around the world. However, a recent book release by Charu Shukla Sahi is poised to fill the void, as long as a production partner can be found.

‘The Fairy Magic’ tells the story of Pari, who was delivered by fairies inside an eggplant to a hard-working Indian couple who desperately wanted a child. Growing up with charming character and immense beauty, it isn’t long before Pari falls in love with Prince Yuvraj of Punjab – and the pair agrees to get married.

However, when Pari falls desperately ill just days before the wedding, the true story of her background comes to light. When fairies tell the prince that he must fight a dragon and capture a part of Pari’s soul that was stolen at her birth, he knows that he is her only hope of survival. Does he prevail? Read the story to find out….

“This book has many bold themes running throughout,” says Charu. “I want young children to realize that good always triumphs over evil, however slim the odds may seem. The quest Prince Yuvraj must face seems incredibly tough, but his tenacity and skill allows him to persevere and eventually win.”

Continuing, “It also sheds light on fairies and the fact that, while they can’t be readily seen, all you have to do is believe in them and they’ll come into your life. It’s a story that certainly gives young children plenty to think about. It’s a delightful story to be cherished by both children and adults alike.”

The author is actively seeking out partners to produce either a feature-length or animated series based on her narrative.

“I’m getting great feedback on how vivid the story appears to readers – thanks in part to the stunning illustrations by Marvin Paracuelles. I now want to take this to the next level and see Pari on the big screen. I’m openly inviting any interested parties to contact me to discuss a possible collaboration. I can guarantee them 100% enthusiasm from my end!” Charu adds.

All interested parties are urged to contact the author as soon as possible.

‘The Fairy Magic’, published by Xlibris, is available now: http://amzn.to/1il0A2x.

About Charu Shukla Sahi
Charu Shukla Sahi is a computer engineer and works as business analyst in an IT company in Virginia, USA. She loves telling stories to children and this is her first attempt to reach out to children around the world and share her stories.