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The Family Dental Center in Lansdowne Now Offering Composite Fillings to Patients This Fall 2013


Lansdowne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- A smile is what makes a person stand out. The first thing a potential employer, date, or friend in need sees is a smile. Some individuals may have chipped or missing teeth and feel embarrassed to smile, therefore don’t show their teeth. To help ease the situation, The Family Dental Center in Lansdowne, PA is pleased to announce they are now offering composite fillings to existing and new patients this fall 2013 season. Composite fillings are performed to remove a chipped or decaying tooth and replace it with a filling that matches the shade of the patients other teeth—with a mixture of plastic and glass—so as not to stand out when smiling.

This type of procedure doesn’t require multiple trips to the dentist office as the tooth will be repaired and filled in one sitting. When looking for a dentist near Philadelphia to repair a misshaped or chipped tooth, The Family Dental Center in Lansdowne has an elite dentistry team that will treat their patients with the utmost safety procedures and communicate exactly how the process will be completed, including the type of materials that will be used, before the composite filling takes place.

There are many reasons that cause a tooth to chip or decay. It can happen on a simple bite of food or the combination of certain sweet foods and drinks without brushing or taking care of the teeth. Decaying teeth can be extremely painful and leave individuals in a rotten mood. Patients won’t feel a thing when The Family Dental Center in Lansdowne is operating on their mouth. The tooth is numbed and cleaned before the procedure begins and the filling is polished before the procedure ends. The tooth will provide some discomfort and sensitivity for a short while after the operation, but if the tooth is cared for, problems won’t arise with the replaced tooth.

It is important to display confidence by smiling to improve an outlook on a certain situation or to establish a rapport in a business meeting. To fix those decaying or cracked teeth at a dentist near Havertown, PA, don’t hesitate to call 610-626-4600 or visit the website for more information on their services today.

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