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The Family Dental Center in Lansdowne Now Offering Their Services to Provide Immediate Dentures to Patients


Lansdowne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- There are a variety of ways teeth can become damaged and rotted, which cause individuals to become self-conscious about their teeth and their smile. To allow patients to regain that beautiful smile, the professionals at the Family Dental Center in Lansdowne are pleased to announce they are now offering their services to provide immediate dentures. Whether a select few teeth are missing or the entire mouth is rotted, there are partial dentures as well as complete dentures that patients can have inserted into their mouth.

While dentures typically require a patient to remove their teeth up to six weeks in advance of the procedure, The Family Dental Center in Lansdowne is now able to provide immediate denture services. The dentures are ordered and made in advance, so patients can receive the procedure without having to remove their teeth prior to the appointment. Dentures require patients to make multiple appointments, for several sets of x-rays and impressions to ensure the professionals are accurate in their shape and mold of the dentures. Patients will be required to make an additional appointment after the immediate dentures are placed into the mouth to make sure the gums and tissue have healed properly and there are no complications.

A partial denture is applied when a select few teeth are missing and are crafted in a way where the surrounding teeth won’t be disturbed. The impressions taken on the initial visit will allow the professionals to create an accurate fit so the denture will be inserted in a way that prevents the remaining teeth from shifting and causing further damage.

If the teeth are decaying and patients aren’t interested in receiving dentures, the professional cosmetic dentists in Lansdowne are able to replace those teeth with dental implants. This a solution that allows the teeth to remain natural while enhancing a patients smile. To learn more about the denture procedure or to inquire about dental implants, please call 610-626-4600 or visit the website of the Family Dental Center in Lansdowne today.

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The professionals at the Family Dental Center in Lansdowne are trained in the methods of diagnosing, treating and preventing gum, teeth and jaw diseases. They encourage patients to call the office to schedule an appointment or get directions to their office. Their mission is to keep their patients’ mouths and teeth beautiful and healthy. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of their skilled technicians.

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