The Fantastic Canal14 Announces Its Latest Extensive Line-Up of Programs


Valle del Cauca, Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Channel 14 or more commonly known as Canal 14 is an independent television channel that aims to showcase the finest Spanish language television shows to the most discerning viewers. Likewise, it aims to supply the most affordable and unlimited advertising space for its many patrons and sponsors. Canal 14 will fulfill its business obligations to its clients by providing them with an opportunity to promote any assortment of products and services using the high quality venue.

This press release hopes to inform viewers and sponsors alike regarding the channel’s latest extensive line-up of programs. The channel greatly values its viewers’ active creative input and aims to provide them with what they need. Canal 14 features programs that range from educational and informative to entertaining and cultural in order to satisfy the varied programming requests of every family member.

Sports enthusiasts will greatly enjoy the many sporting review programs featured on the channel and website. Meanwhile, stay-at-home parents and grandparents will be able to fill those quiet lulls in the day with entertaining musical variety shows and dramas. These entertainment programs are able to feature the Spanish cultural values and traditions while making them accessible to international viewers as well.

Additionally, Canal 14 gives particular importance to the sensibilities of its impressionable young viewers. This press release ensures that programs shown on the channel are able to supply them with the social, educational, and cultural values that are necessary for their proper emotional growth and development.

Canal 14 ensures that the whole family will be able to enjoy bonding over the various wholesome programming options offered throughout the day. Viewers will not have to worry about placing restrictions on daily shows since all options have been carefully screened to meet strict station guidelines.

Likewise, international viewers are encouraged to sample the channel’s offerings. Although the shows primarily feature a local Spanish flavor, they are also formatted in such a way as to make them accessible for foreign television viewers.

Additionally, the sense of togetherness that is most prized in Spanish households is a universal sentiment that anyone can easily relate to regardless of culture of heritage. In fact, the various depictions of close family gatherings on the channel could encourage overseas workers to rekindle lost ties with their families back home.

Ultimately, subscribing to Canal 14 is a decision that one will not regret. As a viewer, one is ensured high quality alternative programs that will cater to various needs. Meanwhile, as a client or sponsor, one is guaranteed a prime advertising spot that will help in achieving the desired local and international viewership goals.

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