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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announce the Fast Diet and Advanced hCG Diet Treatments for Rapid and Healthy Weight Loss

The Diet Doc team has revealed the fast diet program, which utilizes exclusive hCG diet treatments to target excess fat in hard to reach areas of the body for easy, healthy weight loss.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- When searching for a way to achieve healthy weight loss, patients in Phoenix are also concerned with finding a program that allows them to quickly and easily shed excess and embarrassing weight, and finding the fast diet plan that combines low fat meals and snacks with fat burning supplements while offering rapid results would likely capture the attention of many Phoenix dieters. Fortunately, Diet Doc’s healthy weight loss plans utilize their exclusive hCG diet treatments, along with their team of weight management experts, to provide their clients with the fast diet plans they are looking for.

Once patients begin their healthy weight loss plan, they will receive their hCG diet plans shipped directly to the comfort and privacy of their own home. Diet Doc understands that many of their clients are eager to begin the fast diet, but may not have the time or money required to travel to a weight management clinic and offer their services over the phone or the internet to provide healthy weight loss to everyone in need. Clients can choose to receive their hCG diet treatments as oral drops, sublingual tablets or as an injectable solution. Whichever form the patient chooses to receive their hCG diet treatments as, they can feel confident that they will begin seeing rapid results immediately upon taking their supplements. And, while each form is effective in flushing excess fat from the body, many patients prefer to receive their hCG diet treatments as an injectable solution because it has been enhanced with vitamin B12 to increase the patient’s energy levels throughout the day.

hCG is a naturally occurring hormone that has been found to have extremely beneficial healthy weight loss benefits. Produced by pregnant women, hCG acts as a protective barrier to the growing fetus by directing excess fat to the fetus for nutrition. After this process was originally discovered in the 1950s, it was quickly developed into hCG diet treatments as part of the fast diet programs. Diet Doc took this earlier research and modernized it with today’s advanced science and medical understanding to offer clients the fast diet that has been enhanced and perfected. Among the many improvements is the daily-recommended caloric intake. While original programs suggested a dangerously low caloric intake, today’s plans allow patients to lose weight fast while consuming calorie amounts of almost double the original recommendations.

Upon beginning their hCG diet treatments, Diet Doc patients will see fat melting away from hard to reach areas of the body, like the stomach, thighs and underarms. Because these areas are typically unresponsive to diet change alone, many dieters have been unable to rid themselves of this embarrassing extra weight and have been searching for a solution to their struggles. In a recent in-house survey, an overwhelming majority of Diet Doc clients, 97%, reported rapidly losing weight with the fast diet plan and did not experience any negative side effects, such as fatigue, weakness or cravings, while working toward their healthy weight loss goals.

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