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The Fat Loss Factor Review Discloses How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise or Diet presents some of the most effective, yet simple weight loss plans, at the moment. The programs that can be accessed here can be used by both men and women, being highly efficient ways of modeling the perfect body. They can lead to fat loss with no need to use any diet or exercises.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2013 -- One of the most recommended programs by is the Fat Loss Factor. The Fat Loss Factor is a new method of losing weight naturally. This weight loss plan was created by Dr. Charles Livingston, a popular medical researcher and nutritionist. The method will lead to efficient results in only 12 weeks. This means that in about 3 months the users of this weight loss plan will look much better, achieving the weight loss purposes they desire. writes that Dr. Charles Livingston has worked with many patients so far, all of them improving looks and health, at the same time.

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The Fat Loss Factor is so efficient because it actually is based on two important and unique weight loss phases. The program starts with a detoxification phase in which users will use only natural ways of cleansing the body. When this phase is completed, all toxins will be removed from the body, favoring weight loss. Dr. Livingston claims that fat loss can only be achieved when there are no toxins in the user’s body. Then, for the next 10 weeks of diet, the method offers users a series of diet plans, weight loss strategies and meal plans, as well as workout routines. Even though this weight loss method includes certain exercises and diet plans, it is very simple to implement. So, the method requires only minimal physical workouts and alimentary regimen.

There is no need for users to spend hours at the gym or starve themselves with the purpose to improve looks. The diet plan featured in the Fat Loss Factor will improve health, as well as self-confidence. Short cardio workouts combined with certain foods that favor fat loss will produce the best results. The method developed by Dr. Charles Livingston will not encourage restrictive diets or excessive exercises. It is based on simple and healthy lifestyle choices that will positively impact fat loss.