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The Fat Loss Factor Review: Fastest Way to Lose Weight in One Week presents the newest method of eliminating weight in as quickly as one week. The new weight loss plan, Fat Loss Factor, will produce visible results in eliminating the extra pounds starting with the first week of usage.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- According to, this plan was created by Dr. Charles Livingston, a health specialist and consultant, who claims that his method has already helped thousands of women improve looks and enhance overall health. So, this new weight loss method is not only focused on eliminating fat, but it also improves health. Consequently, the plan can be used by anyone willing to look and feel better. Charles Livingston claims that his method is unique because is based on an important element: detoxification. reveals that the first phase of the Fat Loss Factor actually is the detoxification phase. This is an important step to achieving fat loss. Detoxification will lead to the elimination of all toxins from the body. When body detoxification is completed users will feel better, while their looks will also be enhanced. It lasts 2 weeks, but the weight loss results will become visible starting with the first few days. Detoxification is not only important for weight loss, but it also is highly beneficial for health.

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The Fat Loss Factor is a 12 week weight loss plan. This means that it lasts only 3 months until the method is completed. At the end of this fat loss program, users will eliminate the extra pounds, also getting rid of body fat. Progress is obtained gradually, but the results will be seen instantly. The program features detailed instructions for cardio workouts, strength training, stress management and adequate diet plans. The whole method is available with complex details in an eBook. also indicates that the Fat Loss Factor has already been used by thousands of people who were really pleased with the unique weight loss plan. One of the most appreciated things about this method is the fact that it can be completed by users from the comfort of their home. This means that it can be implemented by anyone, even by people having very busy schedules.