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Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2013 -- Keeping the metabolism fast and the whole body healthy is simple with the use of the most effective weight loss plan released until today. Women don’t have to spend hours exercising each day and they don’t have to adopt severe diets with the purpose to eliminate the extra pounds. Many studies performed until today have shown that cardio workouts have quick and effective results when it comes to eliminating the extra pounds. However, fat cannot be completely and permanently eliminated with cardio exercises only. Users also have to adopt the right diet. However, the diet that women can access on will not suppose strict rules. It actually only helps ladies find out which foods favor fat burning and what should be avoided. presents the quickest method of losing weight for women. The rapid weight loss plan can be accessed by busy women who don’t want to spend hours dedicated to workouts or preparing certain complicated meals. In fact, in the Fat Loss Factor eBook, the most appreciated and the fastest weight loss plan at the moment can be found. Women will find numerous meal plans, as well as healthy eating recipes that are fast to prepare.

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The Fat Loss Factor is considered to be the fastest method of losing weight because it actually provides impressive weight loss results in only 12 weeks. However, users will be able to achieve great results even quicker, in only one week fat being decreased, while overall health is enhanced. In the first two weeks, users of the Fat Loss Factor will implement the detoxification phase. Detoxification will eliminate toxins from the body, but will also eliminate the extra pounds. Fat loss is simpler to achieve when the body has been cleansed from all harmful ingredients. reveals that by implementing a method such as the Fat Loss Factor users will burn fat, enhance energy and health, while modeling the perfect body. The method is simple to access by all women willing to look and feel better.