The Fat Loss Factor Review Shows How to Lose Belly, Hip and Thigh Fat Fast


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- The program developed by Dr Charles is 100 percent natural, therefore safe to be used by people of all ages and physical conditions. It has no side effects and poses no threats to one’s health, writes Fat Loss Eat magazine, advising readers to try it in confidence. Being designed by a doctor who studied weight loss plans for years is another reason why Fat Loss Factor is considered to safe.

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Fat Loss Factor is divided in two parts. The first part, consisting of the first two weeks, aims to detoxify the body. Removing all body toxins enhances the immune system, which speeds up the fat burning process, says the doctor, who considers this part extremely important. In this phase, users must drink plenty of fluids, especially water, and eat organic foods alone – fruits and vegetables.

The second part of the program, lasts 10 weeks and includes various diet plans and workout routines created by Dr Livingston. They don’t mean drastically changing one’s lifestyle, but improving it. Users are advised to eat small, regular meals, and exercise at least three times every week.

Users will see results within the first week, says the magazine. However, fat loss factor also warns readers not to get their hopes up imagining that this is an easy, overnight cure. Getting in shape takes time and dedication, the magazine saying that users won’t see the desired results unless they follow Dr Charles’ instructions.

Click here to download fat loss factor Ebook

The Fat Loss Factor program is thoroughly presented in the E-book of the same name. Users will find it simple to understand and easy to follow,encouraging people to try this method if they want to lose belly, hip and thigh fat fast.

About Fat Loss Factor
Overall, the Fat Loss Factor because is a great program with a ton of well-organized information. Although the program requires time and effort, the methods are very easy to follow and understand, thus loss of motivation is significantly reduced. I also like the fact that we are given options regarding diet and exercise because what works for one person might not work for another, but it’s also up to each person whether he or she is motivated and determined enough to lose weight.

Click here to download fat loss factor Ebook