The Fat Loss Factor Weight Loss Program Is Put Under the Microscope

Fat Loss Factor Reviews about Dr Livingstone's weight loss program have been popping up all over the internet due to the success of the program. The Smithfields Review Center reveals if this program is really effective or not.


Lymington, Tasmania -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2013 -- Dr Charles Livingstone is the creator of the Fat Loss Factor Program, which appears to have many happy followers. There are claims that these were people who were fed up with diets that didn’t work. People who simply piled the weight back on as soon as they went off a diet – that is, if they lost anything to start with. They are people who decided not to let their weight rule them. They actually got their lives back by doing what the program said to do. And they found it worked for them because it has one thing that many other diets lack. It allows for the cravings that many people cannot control once they go on a diet that eliminates so many pleasurable foods. Because of these claims the Smithfield Review Center has conducted a thorough review.

The review the Fat Loss Factor revealed that Dr Livingstone understands human psychology and has devised this program in a way that allows for a little human weakness here and there. He eliminated the need to feel guilty about eating something that is not included in his program. One of the secrets of the Fat Loss Factor is that it is not just a diet; it is so much more than that. In fact, one could call it a lifestyle. It contains meal plans and the exercises that are necessary to burn fat. There are also blueprints for body sculpting than will help users get their body toned and in shape. Fat Loss Factor helps overweight people to ease into the program gently so that it is not a shock to their system. This is initially done by eating only organic vegetables for two weeks so that their body has fewer toxins in it. It shows how to eat more often while still losing weight; that way, hunger cravings that make other diets so hard to stick to are not a problem. It details how to do exercises so that they don’t take up valuable time, but still burning more weight than exercises done over a longer time period. Importantly, this program offers more than one kind of exercise type, as strength training is also included.

Sally Heidelberg of the Smithfield Review Centre commented following a thorough review of the Fat Loss Factor: “This program is obviously the one of choice for many people because it has been scientifically proven to work, is easy to stay on and achieves the required results. More importantly, the results are there within the week, so one doesn't get tired of waiting to see weight go down. In addition, Dr Livingstone provides a 100% refund guarantee to eliminate any concern that the Fat Loss Factor may not live up to it's perceived reputation.”

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