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The Fat Woman Mystery: Food Addiction Meets Murder in Gripping (And Tasty!) New Novel by Sandra Noble

Resonating with readers everywhere and climbing to the top 1% of Amazon’s book charts, ‘The Fat Woman Mystery’ proves that being lean is no prerequisite to getting caught in the midst of a gritty murder. With readers visiting everything from crime scenes and suspect’s homes to the protagonist’s own diet support group, the novel is as unique as it is entertaining.


Des Moines, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- While most mystery novels involve hordes of detectives, politicians and others in a natural position of authority, Sandra Noble’s latest release focuses on a crime-fighting heroine who is…well….just an overweight middle-aged woman trying desperately to shed her pounds.

That’s the beauty behind ‘The Fat Woman Mystery’; it’s a highly-relatable narrative that looks at the subject of losing weight in a deadly new light.


Margaret Henze O'Brian, a widow, lives in a small Iowa town, in a big old house, with her cat Ruby.

She considers herself half German and half Conehead. German, because that's her heritage, and Conehead because of her mass consumption of calories.

The Fit Girls, Margaret's diet support group, think her recent weight gain is the result of depression over her husband, Harry's, death. Margaret thinks they're wrong, she's fine, "Just fine, thank you".

Margaret has more than her diet to think of after she stumbles over a body, and a friend is accused of murder. In trying to clear her friend of the crime, Margaret finds a lot more than rice cakes on her plate.

Not wanting to be left out of the excitement the Fit Girls join Margaret in her attempt to solve the crime, and are soon immersed in small town scandal, gossip, and mystery.

Creeping through corn fields, window peeking, and tailing suspects may be more than the average reader of 'Modern Maturity' magazine deem proper, but Margaret finds it exhilarating. And when two handsome men seem interested in her ample body, life is suddenly fascinating.

Now if only Margaret can stay alive long enough to enjoy this new lease on life.

As the author explains, she wanted readers to immerse themselves in her narrative.

“Readers cannot get close to protagonists unless they have something in common. Everyone has tried to lose poundage and, with dieting and food always on Margaret’s mind, everyone reading the story is pulled into each page and afforded a very vivid read,” says Noble.

Continuing, “It appears to be a winning formula. The book rose to the top of Amazon’s charts in just a few weeks without any formal marketing.”

Early reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive. For example, Michelle A. Westlake commented, “This is a fun read! Anyone who has ever dieted will identify with the ongoing hilarious back-channel of calorie calculations, water-retention theories and true-weight justifications, and Sandra Noble writes an engaging mystery in good style. I'm looking forward to more Fat Woman Mysteries.”

C Brinkler was equally as impressed, adding, “Really enjoyed this mystery. The heroine is portrayed truthfully as a true food addict. You have compassion and love her honesty. The mystery was good and it was only toward the end that I figured it out.”

‘The Fat Woman Mystery’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1bf2nCW.

About Sandra Noble
Sandra Noble lives in Iowa with her cat, Beulah. She has also lived in Alaska, Washington, and Colorado, and feels each of these states are great places to live, and have special assets.

Sandra has many interests that include spending time with her children and grandchildren, writing, making Victorian lamp shades, and of course, reading a good book.

She has an over developed love of food, and meets with her diet support group weekly (the real 'Fit Girls'). Currently, Sandra has fallen off the wagon and as a result, has gained unwanted pounds.