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The Federal Government Outlines New Recommendations to Modernize Financial Sanctions


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2021 -- The US government has recently carried out a full review of the economic and financial sanctions that are currently being used by the Treasury and made a number of new recommendations. These recommendations are designed to help adapt and modernize the approach that is taken to the effectiveness of such sanctions and how they can be used to support key objectives. There are five steps in total that have been recommended in order to help ensure that sanctions remain in line with policy priorities and are agile enough to adapt to future threats. These include adopting a new framework that clearly links economic and financial sanctions to a stated policy objective, coordinating sanctions policy and setting up better collaboration, better calibrating sanctions so that unintended humanitarian, political and economic outcomes are mitigated and investing in modernizing technology and infrastructure to make sanctions more effective. The recommendations recognize the importance of sanctions as a tool, as well as how vital it is to use them purposefully.

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