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The Felicetti Law Firm P.C. Offers the Best Legal Assistance in Bed Bug Injury and Bite Claims


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2016 -- The Felicetti Law Firm P.C. offers complete legal assistance in preparing for the bed bug injury and bite claims. The bed bug attorney of The Felicetti Law Firm P.C. assists the clients in every step and handles the bed bug injury and bite claims on the behalf of the clients and tries his/her level best to help the clients achieve the best results possible. In other words, they handle their clients' claims as their own and try their best to help their clients get as much compensation as possible. Compensation may be available for medical bills, medications, pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional scarring and other damages.

"The damage Caused to humans by bed bugs is beyond belief. We welcome everyone at The Felicetti Law Firm P.C. and give them complete assistance if they want to file a claim against any hotel, college dormitory or any other public place as such. The attorneys at The Felicetti Law Firm P.C. are experienced and professional enough to handle any type of case; From the gathering of the required evidence to the proper presentation of the claim to the insurance carrier for the property owner, the bed bug lawyer assists the clients in every step of the claim.", stated the spokesperson of The Felicetti Law Firm P.C.

We often tend to ignore the risks of a bed bug's bite, but according to a recent research bed bugs - like the triatomines - can transmit Trypanosoma cruzi, the parasite that causes Chagas disease, one of the most prevalent and deadly diseases in the Americas. This isn't it, some sources also claim that bed bugs are to blame for the spread of leprosy, Q-fever, oriental sores and brucellosis. But this is also not it, bed bugs can also cause secondary infection if someone fails to keep the bites clean and disinfected, leading to swelling and bleeding of the bites. Also, some people bitten by bed bugs have experienced allergic reactions that require medical attention, especially when exposed to numerous bites. Bed bug bites can also lead to psychological concerns resulting in lack of sleep and stress.

So, one shouldn't underestimate the risks of a bed bug's bite and if they get bitten by a bed bug, they can always consult experienced and professional law firms like The Felicetti Law Firm P.C.for filing claim against that particular place on contingency basis.

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