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The Felig Chronicles: As Aliens Invade Earth, Compelling Books Chronicle Multicultural Love Story Between Opposites & Equals

Masterfully crafted by P.J. Dean, the first three published books of ‘The Felig Chronicles’ fuse a classic Sci-Fi invasion with a modern and wholly-unique love story. Inspired by real people and their unlikely behaviors, Dean has crafted a powerful narrative that’s garnering rave reviews from coast to coast.


Barrington, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- While Science Fiction and Romance have been staples of the literary world for decades, few authors dare to meld them together like P.J. Dean. ‘The Felig Chronicles’ series does just that with gusto.

Readers are thrown into a world where aliens have invaded and, as one African-American mercenary attempts to find her abducted mother, the help she enrolls and the love story that ensues is unlike anything ever written before.

Synopses of first three volumes:

‘The Felig Chronicles’ - Time: post-apocalyptic America in the near future. Faustina Cain (Tina) and Nate Lowe each have their own reasons for fighting against a group of aliens, the life-force draining Felig, who have invaded Earth. For Tina, it's personal--they took her mom. Neither Tina nor Nate are looking for love--just raw sex to take the edge off possibly vanishing at any moment. Joining forces makes them ponder why they are even alive.

‘Something Else Wicked’ - When last we left that unlikely pair of alien slayers, Nate Lowe and Tina Cain in The Felig Chronicles, they'd finally declared their mutual love and lust in spite of the extraterrestrial Felig's efforts to kill them and enslave Earth. In The Felig Chronicles 2: Something Else Wicked, in addition to the Felig, why does a human element want them dead, too?

‘Union’ - When not blasting alien Felig into small bits, Nate Lowe and Tina Cain are like any other co-habitating couple. In spite of some serious personal differences and a few assassination attempts on them, they’ve managed to find time to fall in love. Ready to take them to a new level in their relationship, Nate is pressing Tina for a more lasting union. Despite loving him, Tina is reticent. What’s the problem? On another front, the resilient Felig are giving the word union a whole new meaning.

“This is certainly an unlikely love story, inspired by those around me as well as the unrelenting political, and racial, discord permeating the United States right now. People need to stick close to each other more than ever before, and my narrative shows how comfort can come from the most unexpected of places,” says Dean, a prolific writer.

Continuing, “Everything my characters say rings true; making this a true fusion of fact and fiction. Fiction can quickly become implausible but, even when my characters face adversity and disaster, Tina and Nate react very naturally. This all comes back to my passion for observing the human condition. An alien invasion is very unlikely, but this is how it could play out!”

To date, the series is garnering rave reviews. For example, with reference to volume one, Lady Raven comments, “If you are a Sci-Fi fan with an added mixture of different genres which includes multicultural, then you will like this story. With the author's sexual erotic scenes, plot, and fusion of genres, this was an interesting book.”

Charly was equally as impressed with ‘Something Else Wicked’, adding, “Wow! A sequel that is just as good if not better than the foundation book. The two lead characters draw you in and make you want to find out what happens next with their relationship. These books are worth the price.”

‘The Felig Chronicles’, published by Extasy Books, is available now: http://amzn.to/SDXH6B.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://pjdeanwriter.weebly.com.

About P.J. Dean
The writer grew up in a household exclusively composed of adults, so she was a tad precocious. Her neighborhood, South Philly, was, and always has been, a mix of different cultures. She grew up hearing many languages and witnessing the customs of the immigrants who had settled there. As a child, she learned to observe people, developing an eye for detail and an ear for the unusual. This inquisitiveness led to her affinity for research and a desire to write. Her love of other places led to a semester in France and a B. A. in French Civilization, with a minor in Spanish. Her interest in history and her penchant for romance novels directed her to write her first historical romance, "FAITHFUL." It was named a 2005 Independent Book Awards Finalist in the Romance category. "KINDRED" was her next logical step after recalling a snippet of information her maternal grandmother had related to her about them possibly having American Indian ancestors. She decided to spin it into an historical romance under her pen name. At the moment, her down-with-the-swirl, alien-conquering couple, Tina Cain and Nate Lowe, are taking up a lot of her time as they star in "THE FELIG CHRONICLES" series and demand that she write faster. They recently popped up in book three. "P. J. Dean," lives in the Delaware Valley.