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The Fifth Shadow: Raw & Intriguing Erotica Novel Shuns Conventional Literary Romance and Introduces a New Era of All-Powerful Female Domination.

Written by Matthew Thomas, ‘The Fifth Shadow’ replaces a sexually-naïve heroin with a driven business- woman who will use wealth and power to satisfy her sexual appetite. When a sexually inexperienced young man applies for a job with her company – could it become the ultimate ticket to lust she craves for since the sudden death of her husband?


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2014 -- While erotica and romance have both long been staples of literature, many critics are growing tired with the over-focus on virgin females and the depictions of their sexual maturity. Thankfully, a compelling new novel by Matthew Thomas shuns stereotypes to produce a fast-paced narrative where the leading character is anything but naïve.

‘The Fifth Shadow: Addiction/First time experience of sex and instant addiction to it. (Volume 1)’ introduces readers to Michael Brown and Maya Shadow, two characters that will leave their palms sweating long after turning the book’s last page.


When ambitious, young, handsome former college football star Michael Brown goes to work for a giant business empire, he get interviewed by the exceptionally beautiful, young and elegant female CEO, Maya Shadow. Though Maya Shadow pays little or no attention to Mike's academic achievements during the interview, he did not have any reason to think that Maya Shadow has a crush on him since the moment she saw him.

A mysterious weekend encounter in strange circumstances, turn Mike's life upside down and changes course forever. Maya Shadow's immense beauty, enormous wealth, mastery of controlling and strange approach to amatory, overwhelms Michael Brown's will power, resistance power and convictions of moral principles he held dearly for all his life. He not only loses his virginity but also accumulates much more than he could handle.

Even though unintentional, Michael Brown learns a lot about Maya Shadow's sexual fantasies for which he becomes a virtual slave overnight. The Fifth Shadow is a very entertaining, unconventionally romantic, hot and steamy erotic trilogy, which will conquer the minds of the readers and stay with you for a life time.

The author wants to give readers something entirely new.

“Most novels only focus on the sexual development of the young female character; something that just doesn’t fly with me. Instead, my narrative flaunts all that is great about the modern woman’s power, authority and desire,” says Thomas.

Continuing, “The tables truly have turned, allowing me to write fiction that closely replicates actual trends in society. I’ve got the second volume ready for release in 2014 – so stay tuned, Maya has plenty more surprises to share!”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. For example, reader Neha comments, “Looking for a good intimate encounters book? The Fifth Shadow would do you justice!”

Another reader was equally as impressed, adding, “Erotically intriguing, The Fifth Shadow by author Matthew Thomas draws readers into the sexually naïve world of central character Michael Brown. This is a compelling tale that titillates the senses and sparks the imagination as scenes of Michael's sexual education are played out.”

‘The Fifth Shadow: Addiction/First time experience of sex and instant addiction to it. (Volume 1)’ is available now: http://amzn.to/19FtEgG.

About the Author: Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas is an avid traveler who lives like a hermit in Texas.